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building products

Greenbuild 2020

Allergy Standards Ltd To Exhibit at Greenbuild International Conference + Expo 2020

9 November 2020

Allergy Standards Ltd is delighted to be exhibiting at Greenbuild Conference and Expo 2020- the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to sustainability in the building industry

CERTIFIED asthma and allergy friendly merino wool

Merino wool can now be awarded the asthma and allergy friendly® Certification Mark

29 September 2020

Allergy Standards Ltd develops new standard for Merino Wool

VOCs effect on respiratory system

Indoor Air VOCs, asthma and allergy, and the effect of air cleaners

29 August 2020

Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are molecules containing carbon which are predominantly in the gaseous state at room temperature.This article will present the possible sources of indoor VOCs, how VOCs impact on people with asthma and allergy and discuss the ability of air cleaners to reduce VOCs in the indoor environment.

Architect Magazine

Allergy Standards – Certifying Products for Healthier Interiors.

23 June 2020

Dr. John Ryan, Chief Strategy Officer at Allergy Standards in Archetech magazine discusses the value of third party certification and the responsibility on those in the building and design industry to prioritise health and wellbeing

asthma & allergy friendly Certification Program logo

Building Materials Certification and Healthy Indoor Air

11 May 2020

It is a common statistic when talking about the quality of indoor air, that we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors. The origin of that statistic was a study by the US Environmental Protection Agency back in 19891. The importance of this is the nature of the contained environment of the home; in the move towards greater environmental sustainability, homes have become more energy efficient and more tightly sealed. While this provides a better environmental impact, it also means that the air in the home does not become renewed through passage of fresh air.


Allergy Standards at the US 2019 Greenbuild Conference

18 November 2019

Allergy Standards’ CEO, Dr John McKeon, will be delivering 2 sessions at the Greenbuild Conference and Expo 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia, US.


Why and how we certify fiberglass insulation – a Q&A

27 June 2019

What is it that makes some insulation better for the indoor environment than others, and where do we draw the line to decide to certify insulation?


Why and how we certify flooring – a Q&A

20 June 2019

What is it that makes some flooring better for the indoor environment than others, and where do we draw the line to decide to certify a flooring product?

Owens Corning Pure Saftey High Performance Insulation gets certified

Pure Safety Insulation Product from Owens Corning passes ASP:19-01/101 Certification Standard

7 February 2017

Allergy Standards Limited (ASL) today announced that the Pure Safety™ high performance insulation from Owens Corning have passed the relevant Certification Standards.