Your business goals are important to us. You can access a series of bespoke consulting advisory services, education and go-to-market assistance in the health and wellness space. These services can be customised to suit your needs and can be started at various stages of your product or service innovation journey. 

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You can avail of our Landscape Analysis and Scientific Consulting while your product is under development.


Our marketing experts can provide you with educational and scientific content that resonates with your target audience.


Use our consumer data and allergy insights to educate your “allergy aware” customers and stakeholders.


Our team of experts can provide continuing marketing support to enhance the impact of relevant health related certifications.


We can provide services for retailers who want to attract the “allergy aware” audience as well as manufacturers who want to influence retail gatekeepers.


Our marketing experts can provide you with educational and scientific content that resonates with your target audience.


Our team of experts can provide continuing marketing support to enhance the impact of relevant health related certifications.

1. Research & Innovation

ASL is a global team of qualified, scientific and medical experts who can provide expert advisory services at all stages of the manufacturing process, from R&D and product development to supply chain and go-to-market planning.

Landscape Analysis

Allergy Standards has access to information that will be beneficial for your organization when considering an allergy claim or Market Mapping an allergy audience.

Our cutting edge reports are customized for you and include actionable insights on:

  • Legal and advertising risk issues when making an allergy claim, with supporting evidence by FTC, EPA, FDA, and other regulatory bodies
  • Critical allergy audience insights
  • Geographies of focus (national or international)
  • Targeted research into purchasing and buying behaviors
  • Landscape analysis of claims in related industries
  • Growth and demand for allergy-avoidance products
  • Forecast of the size and growth of the allergy and asthma market
  • Product and industry sector insights related to asthma and allergies

This may be beneficial for stakeholders in:

  • Legal/Compliance/Risk
  • Marketing
  • Key Decision Makers (Division heads, VPs).

Scientific Consulting

Our expert knowledge can help you innovate & develop better products, that create healthier homes and workplaces for your customers, significantly reducing the triggers affecting those impacted by allergy and asthma.

Our scientific advisory services include:

  • R&D Advisory Services
  • Audit of Existing Labelling Compliance & Risk Assessment
  • Scientific Market Research
  • Supply Chain Components Verification & Factory Audit
  • Industry Specific Product Test Insights (what passed/failed and why).

This may be beneficial for stakeholders in:

  • Research & Development
  • Innovation
  • Scientists / Chemists
  • Supply Chain
  • Sourcing Managers
  • Legal / Compliance / Risk

2. Digital Content

We have consumer data and allergy insights, backed up by science, that can help you not only create greater awareness of allergy prevention in the home and the importance of third party Certifications, but also pitch your products & services better to your target customers.

We can provide the following education and content services:

Allergy Avoidance Education

  • Peer reviewed, physician-approved education materials
  • Education on trigger-factor avoidance and whole-home environmental control
  • Original content with the most up-to-date allergy advice and education related to products that are currently certified.

Scientific Education

  • The “science behind Certification marks”
  • Curated content from testing reports
  • Claim validation and approvals

Digital Content

  • Scientific video of testing processes hosted by an influencer
  • A product-related instructional video, telling the story of the “science”
  • Curated content (articles, education) for consumers
  • B2B Pitch Presentation Slides
  • Hosted webinars for industry stakeholders

Access to Influencers

  • We can give you access to renowned allergists and immunologists, scientists, physicians, associated not-for-profit organisations, related government influencers,  to help product innovation and pitch them effectively to your target audience

This may be beneficial for stakeholders in:

  • Marketing Managers
  • Product Managers
  • UX Designers
  • Brand Managers
  • eCommerce Specialists
  • Sales Managers

3. Consumer Analytics & Data Insights

With decades of research and statistics in the allergy field, we are a global authority for consumer analytics and data insights. We can help you target, reach and resonate wth consumers affected by asthma and allergies

What Works – Reaching the “Health Maven”

  • Purchasing behaviors and values of the target consumer
  • Geographies and Demographics most likely to purchase Certified Products
  • SEO insights (Product, Industry, Seasonal, Regional)
  • National/International Trends and Projections
  • Data Insights in International Geographies
  • List of keywords, phrases and Google Adwords Content that resonates with your target consumer groups.

This may be beneficial for stakeholders in:

  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Brand Managers
  • UX Designers
  • International Counterparts

4. PR, Media & Marketing

We have shaped and developed the “asthma & allergy aware” message – and you can benefit from that expertise. Our team of experts can provide continuing marketing support after your product is certified, helping to make the mark work for your product.

We can provide the following services:

Workshops (Online or On-Premise)

  • Staff Training Courses on How to Sell the asthma and allergy agenda to your Customers.
  • Strategic Sales & Marketing Workshop
  • Digital transformation workshop targeting the asthma & allergy community


  • Membership to ASL Client Council for collaboration & cross promotion with other certified companies exposing you to potential new sales opportunities
  • Physician Conferences, Blogger Trade Shows
  • Home Building / Remodel Projects / LEED / USGBC

Industry Introductions

  • Medical Leaders – Renowned allergists and immunologists, scientists, physicians
  • C-Suite Executives from other Certification Client Companies
  • Bloggers and Industry Influencers
  • Associated not-for-profit organisations
  • Related government influencers
  • Retail and Trade Industry Publications

Special Initiatives (Varies)

  • Distribution of Certified Product Information to Physician, Allergist Offices
  • Assistance for participation in the various federal research programs Certified Product Giveaways/Sweepstakes
  • Involvement with Community Outreach Programs
  • Social Media promotions on blogger, consumer, and patient advocacy group platforms.

This may be beneficial for stakeholders in:

  • Public Relations Agencies
  • Media & Marketing Agencies
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Marketing & Brand Managers
  • Communications Managers

5. Retailer Influence & Engagement

Our specialist knowledge and expertise of asthma and allergy triggers enables ASL to provide services to retailers who want to educate the “allergy aware” consumer on the best products to buy.

Services for Retail Stores who want to attract an allergy audience:

  • Video tutorials on Certification
  • Physician videos regarding allergies, asthma, causes and prevention
  • Webinars with experts
  • Retail Store Associate (RSA) Training – via webinar
  • Retail Store Associate (RSA) Training – via 1-page handout
  • List of Certified Products carried at specific retail stores with SKU – through our client services portal.

Topics may include:

  • Whole Home Environmental Control by Product Category, Season and Region
  • What are the top questions asked by allergy sufferers, and what products are best to avoid allergenic triggers?
  • Education segmented by room in the home
  • Scientific/Physician hosted videos
  • Customized original content/articles
  • Product Information: Carpet & Flooring, Textiles, Building Materials, Air Quality Management, Cleaning Products, Electrical Appliances.

This may be beneficial for the following Retailer stakeholders in:

  • Merchandisers
  • UX Designers
  • Digital Content Editors
  • Sustainability / CSR Teams
  • Branding Team
  • Partnerships

Our global team of medical and scientific experts can provide bespoke services to manufacturers who need assistance getting past the retail gatekeepers and get their products targeted at the “allergy aware” consumer placed on the shelves.

Services for Manufacturers who want to obtain retail placement:

  • Pitch Pack Slides
  • Educate the Buyer materials
  • Detailed product testing information
  • Risk avoidance/Claim validation tips
  • List of Certified Products carried at specific retail stores with SKU

This may be beneficial for the following Manufacturer stakeholders

  • Anyone actively pitching or educating retail buyers
  • Product Managers
  • Marketing Managers

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