Dr. Emer Duffy and Healthy Spaces – A Podcast Series from Trane Technologies

Dr. Emer Duffy and Healthy Spaces – A Podcast Series from Trane Technologies

Dr Emer Duffy and Healthy Spaces Podcast

Dr. Emer Duffy and Healthy Spaces-A Podcast Series from Trane Technologies

Emer Duffy Science Lead Allergy StandardsDr. Emer Duffy was invited to contribute to the influential podcast series Healthy Spaces from Trane Technologies, where she  discussed healthy homes with the host Rasha Hasaneen. Together with Jennie Bergman, IAQ Product Manager at Trane Residential, they consider specific problems and solutions from a scientifically proven perspective: From small changes in our daily habits, to renovations that can transform the places we live in, they cover a wide range of ideas and relatable actions to make our homes a healthier place.


“Healthy indoor air is really important if we think about the home office, wherever that may be in our home, whether it’s the kitchen or the bedroom or the spare room, or even a dedicated home office. (…) There’s some really interesting research out there showing that poor indoor air quality can reduce people’s cognitive performance,” says Dr. Duffy.

At a time more critical than ever, the impact of poor IAQ on our health demands examination, with a particular focus on how indoor pollution can exacerbate respiratory disorders. It is critical that we address the subject of healthier materials & measures for our homes, and how these can ultimately support the integration of healthy IAQ strategies into the design of a building. 


Many of these key topics are delivered in our Healthier Homes Awareness For Building Professionals online education course.

What is Healthy Spaces-A Podcast Series?

Healthy Spaces podcast is a series of exchanges that explore the sprawling world of indoor spaces, from the inside out. Host Rasha Hasaneen, leader of innovation and the Center for Healthy & Efficient Spaces at Trane Technologies, joins experts and disruptors who are challenging indoor spaces to be better for people and our planet. From smart city experts and atmospheric scientists, to energy efficiency devotees, together they talk about what a healthy and efficient space really is, which cutting-edge innovations can change how we experience the indoors, and why these conversations are increasingly important.


What is Health Homes Awareness For Building Professionals?

Originally designed to answer the over-whelming demand for healthier homes, this course aims to bring together building science and medical science in order to ensure that the concept of building for people and health is centre stage, rather than the more traditional unilateral point of view for a build. Developed by asthma and allergy science experts at Allergy Standards, the same company behind the world famous asthma & allergy friendly® Certification, the course is available to all those in the professional building and design industries, retailers, and those interested in gaining insight into the creation of healthier homes for all and is part of our ASL Academy portfolio of services.

The air we breathe is single most important external factor governing our health today. It’s obvious that no one can survive without clean air, yet we take it for granted. The course teaches how to build a better air quality environment for customers. Taking care of customers’ health and helping them make better, more informed decisions when purchasing products and services that effect the very air they, and their loved ones, breathe.

Read More About the ASL Academy Here

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