Healthier Buildings Top of the Agenda at International Builders’ Show in Orlando

Healthier Buildings Top of the Agenda at International Builders’ Show in Orlando



Dr. John McKeon, CEO, and Dave Morrissey, CIO, of Allergy Standards Limited look forward to attending the International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Orlando, Florida taking place on February 8th – 10th 2022.

What is the International Builders’ Show?

The International Builders’ Show is a premier event that hosts networking, learning and discovery opportunities through product launches, education sessions and home builder trends and so provides an ideal platform for ASL to showcase their crucial role in the area of healthy indoor environments.

The IBS is a great opportunity for ASL to interact with the building community in a much looked forward to person to person event and to address the growing issues of poor indoor air quality that have been triggered by Covid-19. The health and wellbeing movement, which revolutionized our behaviours and attitudes to how we eat, sleep and monitor our health metrics, has been propelled by the Covid-19 pandemic to focus on the most fundamental of our human health requirements – the air we breathe. Furthermore, the evolution of the smart home provides the construction industry with an ideal framework to create an environment that enables us to sleep, eat and breathe well.

What’s happening at the International Builders’ Show?

At the show, ASL will connect with clients Owens Corning, Benjamin Moore and Trane who will be exhibiting and showcasing their asthma & allergy friendly® products. Also attending are stakeholders Ecomedes and EEBA ( Energy and Environmental Building Alliance) and the show offers an opportunity to meet with selected journalists with influence in the area of wellbeing in the built environment. Dr. John McKeon will be speaking at the Owens Corning exhibition stand, a not to be missed interview where Dr. McKeon will examine the impact the indoor environment has on health and highlight Owens Corning’s Pure Safety® High Performance Insulation, the first insulation to be awarded certification by the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program, an independent third party certification program jointly run by Allergy Standards Ltd (ASL) and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA).

“The best built homes today are constructed with a holistic approach to the well-being of both people and planet and this means healthy indoor air must be number one on the agenda,” said Dr. John McKeon. “This generation of smart homes will be revolutionary, as it will facilitate the most basic of our health needs – to breath clean air. We are delighted to be attending the IBS, where the elite of the building community gather, providing us with a unique platform to share our expertise in the area of healthy indoor environments.” 

ASL aims to address the knowledge gap that exists around the concept of a healthy indoor environment by empowering and educating consumers, retailers and manufacturers worldwide. Through the Allergy Standards Academy, ASL run a variety of learning and development programs providing standards and solutions aiming to optimise the indoor environment to improve health and wellness for all. For instance, the Healthier Homes Awareness course is designed to help those in a customer advisory role. The course teaches how to build a better air quality environment for customers, taking care of customers’ health and helping them make better, more informed decisions.

Many of these key topics discussed are in our Healthier Homes Awareness For Building Professionals online education course.

What is Healthier Homes Awareness For Building Professionals?

Originally designed to answer the over-whelming demand for healthier homes, this course aims to bring together building science and medical science in order to ensure that the concept of building for people and health is centre stage, rather than the more traditional unilateral point of view for a build. Developed by asthma and allergy science experts at Allergy Standards, the same company behind the world famous asthma & allergy friendly® Certification, the course is available to all those in the professional building and design industries, retailers, and those interested in gaining insight into the creation of healthier homes for all.

The air we breathe is single most important external factor governing our health today. It’s obvious that no one can survive without clean air, yet we take it for granted. The course teaches how to build a better air quality environment for customers. Taking care of customers’ health and helping them make better, more informed decisions when purchasing products and services that effect the very air they, and their loved ones, breathe.

Read More About the ASL Academy and the Course Here


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