A Look Back at Fall Market Week

A Look Back at Fall Market Week


Fall Market Week Wrap Up

The textile industry is thriving and we feel lucky to be part of it. Our CEO, Dr. John McKeon ,and CIO, Dave Morrissey, have just returned from a whirlwind week in New York where they met with Certification Program clients and attended the Trailblazers & Titans event. The industry is an exciting one to be involved in at the moment because, as the health and wellness movement gains momentum, manufacturers are searching for products that will satisfy the savvy consumer.Consumers are desperately seeking brands that will make a meaningful difference and it is clear that manufacturers who are driven by ESG values want to respond. In this ‘age of cynicism’ consumers prefer to buy from companies with a reputation for purpose as well as profit and our Certification Program fulfils this criterion. ASL met with several manufacturers keenly interested in having their products tested and CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly®. More to be revealed at a later date…

“We are pleased to be a part of this amazing event that brings together so many leaders in the home textile industry,” said Dr. John McKeon, ASL CEO. “Events like this allow even more industry leaders to learn about why certified bedding is an important consideration for reducing triggers of asthma and allergy in the home. And it’s not just those affected by allergies that benefit from CERTIFIED asthma and allergy friendly® products. These products promote a healthier indoor environment for everyone in the household.”

L-R: Dave Morrissey, Dr. John McKeon, Isabel Rodriguez

Pegasus Home Fashions proudly displayed their CERTIFIED products at Fall Market Week and were very well represented by Isabel Rodriguez.  President and CEO Bill Deliberti  and the ASL team took the opportunity to discuss future projects and the expansion of their CERTIFIED collection. Certified products are actively being sourced by major retailers so manufacturers like Pegasus recognise the advantage of our certification. 
Fall Market Week
Our long term client Indo Count was also at Fall Market Week and it was great to meet up with Deepak Arora who was at hand to chat about our mutual mission. It’s always a pleasure to do business with those that live by the same philosophy as us, and forward-thinking manufacturers such as Indo Count believe strongly that they can contribute to enabling healthy people to live on a healthy planet.




“There are many products that claim to help control allergens and irritants,” said Dr. John McKeon, ASL CEO. “However, some products make false or exaggerated claims. As a result, consumers are often unsure what products are the best choice. By understanding product claims, consumers can make more informed decisions about their purchase, creating a better indoor environment for themselves and their loved ones.” he continued.


 Trailblazers & Titans Gala

Trailblazers & TitansThe Home Fashions Product Association (HFPA) and Home Textiles Today (HTT)  joined forces to co-host this wonderful event, which took place at the Harvard Club.

The HTT celebrated the in-person return of  the annual Trailblazers & Titans awards with a  silent auction to which ASL were proud to donate the latest LG air cleaner that is CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly®, ,the LG PuriCare™ AeroTower™ Air Purifying Fan Air Purifier.

We also donated 10 licences to the “Healthier Homes Awareness” program valued at $3970 ($397 each). This is a unique accredited program for professionals seeking to have an empathetic and insightful overview into the challenges faced by families with asthma and allergies. It also highlights frameworks and and toolkits on what they can do to spot new commercial opportunities to create healthier homes.  
Brain Delp, Jennifer Marks and their team did a marvellous job on organising a very successful evening. 

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ASL sponsored the HFPA scholarship program

Fall Market Week

L-R:Jennifer Marks, Dave Morrissey,Dr. John McKeon, Shannon Maher , Charles Gaenslen and Brian Delp

The HFPA Foundation is fundraising to support its scholarship program, which provides scholarships to students enrolled in surface design or home product marketing courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). As a sponsor the foundation scholarships, we are delighted to say we  donated $3000 directly towards the scholarships. This donation was made with honour and enthusiasm because we are true believers in education. To educate is to empower. The future of the textile industry must be underpinned by a holistic approach to production, including the impact that textiles have on our indoor air and therefore on our health.

Read More About the ASL Academy and the Course Here


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