SIJO earns asthma & allergy friendly® certification for bedding collection

SIJO earns asthma & allergy friendly® certification for bedding collection

SIJO earns asthma & allergy friendly® certification for bedding collection


We are delighted to announce that SIJO has earned asthma & allergy friendly® certification for their AiryWeight Eucalyptus Bedding collection

The asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program seeks to assist people to identify products which will make a genuine difference to their indoor environment. It develops certification standards for relevant categories of products, and all certified products undergo testing to those standards. In this way, the consumer can then make an informed choice about materials like bedding, insulation, flooring products, etc. that they bring into their home.

In the case of bedding, CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® bedding creates a barrier against dust mite allergen, which is a common trigger for individuals with asthma and allergies. SIJO’s AiryWeight Eucalyptus Bedding Collection, including their flat sheets, fitted sheets, pillowcases, pillows, duvet covers, comforters, and mattress protectors demonstrated the following:

  • Outer fabric effectively blocks allergens (e.g. dust mite allergen) from passing through
  • Fabrics are “breathable” for comfort
  • Bedding is easily cleaned to remove allergen accumulation
  • Products withstand the wear and tear of the recommended cleaning techniques; and
  • Bedding fabrics and components assessed for chemicals known to trigger asthma and allergy symptoms

“SIJO is proud to join the family of products CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® with our AiryWeight Eucalyptus Textiles Collection,” says Anni Stromfeld, Co-Founder. “Our mission is to advance sleep solu­tions and knowledge, allowing more people to sleep better. We are honored to be recognized not only for the efficacy of our bedding collection, but also for its contribution to a healthier home.”

SIJO AiryWeight Eucalyptus Bedding

Sijo’s vision is to create a culture of purposeful sleep and downtime, meaningfully shifting the experience of sleep for the better. Sijo believe the best sleep experiences are created at the intersection of a technical and intuitive understanding of comfort and aim to advance sleep solutions and knowledge, enabling more to achieve greater sleep and wellbeing while reducing impact on the planet. 


Creating healthier indoor is a critical part of improving lives for all as indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental risks to public health, according to the US Environment Protection Agency

“Bedding can serve as a reservoir for common household allergens and other harmful substances such as pet dander and dust mite allergen, which may not only triggers allergies and but negatively impact indoor air quality for all occupants,” explains Dr. John McKeon, CEO of ASL. “We are pleased that SIJO’s bedding collection has joined the growing number of leading consumer product manufacturers in this responsible effort to achieve asthma & allergy friendly® Certification. At this time of increased focus on healthy indoor air and wellness at home, it is vital that all product claims are based on good science. We congratulate SIJO on passing our rigorous scientific standards and offering consumers bedding options that are proven to create a healthier indoor air environment.”

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