air purifiers

air purifiers

Healthier Homes Awareness

Why Certified asthma & allergy friendly® Means Healthier Indoor Air for Everyone

1 November 2021

Healthier indoor air for everyone is a necessity if we want to prevent against disease and we believe CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® products are the best choices available to help control and improve indoor air quality.

NBC News Dr. John McKeon

NBC News Article and Allergy Standards CEO Dr. John McKeon

13 August 2021

In this NBC News article, our CEO Dr. John McKeon explains the difference between air filters, air cleaners and air purifiers. He also offers tips on  some good home habits that can be adopted to help improve indoor air quality.

air as precious as water

Our Air is as Precious as Water

12 July 2021

An in-depth study into the airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and the need for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) standards

Healthy home CERTIFIED asthma and allergy friendly

Mistakes Made When Building A Healthy Home

1 April 2021

Building a healthy home may seem complicated or even overwhelming but by breaking down the various aspects of a build, the task can be simplified. Firstly consider the material the building is made from, then how the home is decorated or finished, which also includes the ventilation, and finally what we bring into the building and how we maintain the building.

NBC News

NBC News and Allergy Standards

20 March 2021

When NBC News need expert advice they go to Allergy Standard CEO Dr. John McKeon. In this article , John explains the the different technologies  that may be used in air purifiers and how and why noise is created when they are running.

CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly vacuum cleaner

Electronic Equipment and Indoor Air Quality – The Importance of Certification

9 December 2020

Electronic equipment is fundamental to supporting a healthier indoor environment. From air cleaners to vacuum cleaners and air conditioners to dehumidifiers, these pieces of equipment can operate to clean, remove allergens and contribute to a comfortable indoor air environment. The certification of consumer products is an informative and essential way to communicate a range of functions and compliance characteristics.