In Conversation: Rabbit Air and ASL Discuss the Merits of Certification

In Conversation: Rabbit Air and ASL Discuss the Merits of Certification


Rabbit Air, a Los Angeles based company, was founded in 2004 and dedicates its time, energy, and resources to perfecting a product that improves quality of life. Its mission is to  “To offer our customers effective, innovative, and stylish products to improve air quality, backed by friendly, customer-centric service.”

Rabbit Air is one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. and has been ranked as such from 2009 to 2022 by Inc. magazine. ASL Director of Marketing, Vikki Keenan, asked Tamina O’Brien of Rabbit Air how the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification has contributed to this ranking.

…so to really stand out amongst our competitors. We liked having the backing up of a third party, especially one where they did their own laboratory testing. So we found that with having the strong technology as well as the certification, it really did help us to become leaders in the air purification market…

Rabbit Air has a strong relationship with allergists across the U.S. and many have chosen to place Rabbit Air purifiers in their rooms. Tamina attributes the trust that allergists have in their products to the independent third party certification. It is the science backed certification that is so important to the physicians. Furthermore, the certification adds credibility and confidence for the consumer. Overall, the certification strengthens the validity of the technology and makes the Rabbit Air purifiers stand out from their competitors – ultimately leading to the year on year increase in sales of CERTIFIED products.


ESG: Rabbit Air and ASL

Rabbit Air’s commitment to well-being extends beyond their own products. For more than a decade, they have been giving back to organizations whose work they consider crucial to improving health research.

… in 2018 we donated air purifiers to their healthier home initiative. So the first hospital that we donated air purifiers to was the Children’s Hospital In Philadelphia (CHOP). The second was to DC IMPACT at the Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC. And recently, we did also donate to the community Asthma Prevention programme at the Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. And I believe they did win an award. So our goal is to provide air purifiers to help families who have children who suffer from asthma, not only children, but just people in general, even COPD, for example.

Rabbit Air is a great example of a company who believe strongly in ESG. Their CERTIFIED air cleaners help them meet their ESG requirements by contributing to a healthier indoor environment. 

Our Certification Program creates competitive advantage by addressing the needs of the approximately 60 million Americans who live with asthma and allergies. Run in partnership with ASL and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, it provides clarity and confidence to consumers, allowing them to make better buying decisions. As the number of people with asthma and allergies continues to increase so to does demand for trustworthy asthma & allergy friendly® products.


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