Rabbit Air: Championing Healthier Communities Through Innovation and Commitment

Rabbit Air: Championing Healthier Communities Through Innovation and Commitment

championing healthier communities

Jenna Riemenschneider (AAFA), Tamina O’Brien (Rabbit Air), Dr. John McKeon


At the recent AAAAI Annual Meeting, it was with great pleasure that we honored Rabbit Air, a longstanding client, with an award from the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program—the “Supporting Healthier Communities Award.” This award is a testament to Rabbit Air’s dedication to promoting healthier living environments, particularly for individuals affected by asthma and allergies in the community.

“Rabbit Air is proud to stand alongside Allergy Standards and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America as partners in their crucial mission to educate and advocate for the allergy and asthma community. Together, we’re committed to supporting their ongoing efforts to help at-risk populations, and making a meaningful difference. We look forward to continuing our partnership and doing even more to improve the lives of those affected by allergies and asthma,” said Tamina O’Brien, Senior Team Member with Rabbit Air.

Championing Healthier Communities

championing healthier communitiesFor over a decade, Rabbit Air has been a trusted partner, CERTIFIED by the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program, solidifying its reputation as a provider of validated air purification solutions. However, its impact goes far beyond delivering quality products; it extends to meaningful community engagement initiatives that make a tangible difference in people’s lives.

One such initiative is Rabbit Air’s collaboration with the AAFA for their Healthier Home Initiative, launched in 2018. Through this program, Rabbit Air has made significant contributions to healthcare facilities across the nation. From donating air purifiers to the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia to supporting programs at hospitals in Washington, D.C., and San Diego, Rabbit Air has actively participated in championing healthier communities.

Rabbit Air’s participation in AAFA’s Health Equity Advancement and Leadership (HEAL) Program launched in 2022 underscores their dedication to addressing healthcare disparities. Through this program Rabbit Air has connected with Breathe Southern California, to whom it donated CERTIFIED air cleaners and replacement filters, furthering its mission to promote health equity and accessibility.

Rabbit Air’s presence at events like AAAAI and ACAAI demonstrates its dedication to educating the healthcare community about the importance of scientific backing in air purification. Its CERTIFIED air purifier products are trusted by allergists nationwide, who recognize the value of independent third-party certification in ensuring efficacy.

Tamina O’ Brien, of Rabbit Air, attributes the trust allergists place in their products to this rigorous certification process. This trust not only speaks volumes about Rabbit Air’s dedication to quality but also highlights its collaborative approach in working with healthcare professionals to enhance patient well-being.

Rabbit Air’s “Supporting Healthier Communities Award” is a well-deserved recognition of its efforts to create healthier environments for all.

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