Dr. John Ryan delivered an impactful keynote speech at Pulire 2023

Dr. John Ryan delivered an impactful keynote speech at Pulire 2023


Dr. John Ryan’s keynote speech highlighted the importance of cleaning for health and its alignment with emerging ESG trends

ISSA Pulire is the most important Italian trade fair entirely dedicated to professional cleaning and is an unmissable opportunity for those in the sector to discover the latest trends and innovations, network, and upskill. It caters to a wide range of sectors and professions related to the cleaning industry, including hotels, foodservice professionals, retailers, healthcare facilities, schools, airports, transportation, and large-scale retail. The event included seminars, workshops, and presentations on key themes such as sustainability, green cleaning, digitalization, and workplace safety.


Keynote Speech at Pulire 2023

ASL, ISSA and GBAC, a  division of ISSA, have developed a close working relationship over recent years and together we have committed to work to amplify the need to clean for health and not just for appearance. Dr John Ryan, who acted as ambassador for GBAC at Pulire, delivered an impactful speech at the event empahasizing the need to use cleaning products that are less harmful and toxic, as well as better cleaning devices and improved cleaning practices. The keynote also covered issues of sustainability and the importance of considering the impact of cleaning on human health in addition to the impact on the environment. He discussed the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how manufacturers can make efforts to align with these goals.
keynote speech at PulireDr. Ryan emphasized the need for education, trust, and, importantly, a holistic approach to creating healthier indoor spaces. The talk illustrated how the cleaning and sanitising industry can positively impact the indoor environment by reducing allergens, pollutants and pathogens that can cause respiratory and other health issues. Dr. Ryan provided key insights on how the industry can better align its services with the ESG needs of their customers, helping companies become more sustainable and socially responsible.
“Indoor air quality is a growing concern for people around the world, and the cleaning and sanitising industry can make a significant positive impact by adopting a cleaning for purpose approach. Through the iAIR Academy and our partnership with GBAC, we aim to raise awareness of the importance of indoor air quality and to equip professionals with the knowledge and tools to make a positive difference,” said Dr. John Ryan, CSO of ASL and GBAC Ambassador.

Allergy Standards

Pulire 2023


ASL focuses on three business units: developing technical performance standards for products related to indoor air quality, providing training and education through our iAIR Academy, and conducting research on environmental control measures and their impact on human health through our iAIR Institute.

We also have certification and verification programs to assess the performance of products in relation to indoor air quality and skin contact. 


We have partnered with GBAC to offer the ‘Healthier Buildings Awareness’ Course through the iAIR Academy. This course is one of many comprehensive training solutions provided by the iAIR Academy to help enterprises achieve a healthy and safe indoor environment. The ‘Healthier Buildings Awareness’ course provides participants with the knowledge and tools to better understand the relationship between indoor air quality and human health, and to adopt best practices in building management and cleaning to create healthier indoor environments.



Verified as Healthier Air

Additionally, following on from the recent announcement of ASL’s collaboration with the Indoor Air Quality Society, ASL will further expand their presence in the EU market by announcing the European launch of the “Verified as Healthier Air” mark. The “Verified as Healthier Air” label validates the air quality of indoor environments or products, passing rigorous review for cleaner and fresh air. With this label, occupants and consumers can have confidence in cleaner air, promoting healthier living and working environments.

Through our “Verified as Healthier Air” mark,  we now welcome cleaning companies to verify their technologies and processes as products/services that can contribute to healthier air in the built environment.

 The iAIR Academy

The indoor Air Innovation and Research (iAIR) Academy provides comprehensive training solutions to help enterprises achieve a healthy and safe indoor environment. The academy specializes in providing training programs that cover various aspects of indoor air quality, from identifying common pollutants to implementing effective ventilation and air filtration strategies, emphasizing practical solutions that are backed by scientific research and industry best practices.  https://www.iair.academy

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