ASL Bring Indoor Air Expertise to BAU 2023

ASL Bring Indoor Air Expertise to BAU 2023

ASL at BAU 2023


The demand for healthier indoor environments has risen in recent years, and it has become clear that building professionals must be knowledgeable of the building materials that have a healthier impact on indoor air. Certified science-backed products cut through the generic marketing jargon that has flooded the industry, and provide clear trustworthy verification for the consumer. Our certification provides the reassurance that the consumer is seeking and our team was keen to bring this expertise to BAU München.

bau 2023It was wonderful to see our clients Tarkett there with marketing manager, Katja Kleine-Wilde, working hard at their busy booth. Healthier choice was a strong theme at this year’s event, reflecting the massive wellbeing movement and growing consumer demand for products that support a healthier indoor environment.

At Allergy Standards, we offer certification of building materials and household products such as flooring, insulation, paint and HVAC filters. Flooring covers a substantial proportion of the home and so any emissions from installed flooring can contribute significantly to the indoor air quality. Certified asthma & allergy friendly® flooring, like that from Tarkett, has been vigorously tested to show a substantial reduction of allergen after cleaning and minimal increase in allergen levels in the air during cleaning. Furthermore, any certified flooring should emit minimal VOCs- both from the adhesive and from the flooring itself.

The building industry is learning fast about how to build healthier so it’s important not to be left behind. Understanding how building materials affect indoor air quality is a basic starting point for anyone in the industry. At Allergy Standards, we  provide promotional and marketing support, carry out and share findings from research, and help educate our clients and consumers about indoor air quality. Additionally, the iAir Academy offers educational courses that cover various aspects of indoor air quality relating to the built environment.

Consumers are becoming more educated about the health impact of their indoor environment and are demanding a healthier build, so it is crucial that building professionals can meet this demand through knowledge of building materials that have a healthier impact on indoor air.


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