robot vacuum cleaner

robot vacuum cleaner

Science lead

ASL Science Lead Gives Expert Advice

17 July 2023

When journalists are in need of an expert on indoor air quality they are increasingly turning to our Science Lead Dr. Gráinne Cunniffe

National Cleaning Week

National Cleaning Week Spotlight: Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality

5 April 2022

National Cleaning Week Spotlight: Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality. Dr. John McKeon discusses what National Cleaning Week means to ASL and how cleaning professionals can contribute to healthier indoor environments in ISSA’s magazine CMM.

Carpet Care

Allergen Removal: A Critical Part of Carpet Care

25 March 2022

Allergen Removal: A Critical Part of Carpet Care. Dr. Emer Duffy explains how correct carpet care can be part of an overall strategy for a healthier indoor environment

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Smart cleaning just got healthier as Allergy Standards Ltd (ASL) is excited to announce a new Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Standard

12 January 2022

ASL announces a new addition to its asthma & allergy friendly® standards portfolio: the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Standard ASP:03-09/101.

Robot vacuum

Is it Time to Invest In a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

21 December 2021

The dishwasher, the washing machine the tumble dryer…just some of the automated appliances that have changed our lives. No longer are we required to spend large swathes of our precious time washing and drying dishes and clothes. Vacuuming, however, is still one job that most of us must fit into our busy lives. But could that be changing? Or should we stick with the traditional vacuum cleaner?