Wrapping Up an Insightful CES 2024

Wrapping Up an Insightful CES 2024


Reflecting on CES 2024

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas brought together a remarkable blend of consumer tech and traditional medical technology, showcasing the innovative strides made in the health and wellness sector. Standing out from the crowd were our clients, 3M, and LG , both proudly displaying their CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® products at the show.

We had the pleasure of reflecting on the event with Kathy Przywara from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Together, we explored the transformative impact of technology on healthcare, focusing on the potential showcased by companies like 3M and LG Electronics and the role of the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program as a trusted guide for consumers looking for validated products.

CES 2024

Zach Miller, Kathy Przywara, Alana Mitchell, Dr. John McKeon

Our shared dedication to healthier buildings has led to a robust relationship with 3M and we have recently celebrated a decade of partnership with 3M Filtrete. Over the the years, 3M Filtrete™ has continued to expand its range of CERTIFIED filters demonstrating its dedication to innovation and consumer well-being. 

The role of technology in empowering individuals to manage their health cannot be overstated. The CES 2024 exhibits featured a diverse array of health-oriented tech, from air quality sensors and smart air filters to wearable body monitors and smart robotic vacuums. The vast potential presented at the show underscores the pivotal role that experts play in fostering healthier indoor environments.


CES 2024

Dr John McKeon, Adam Whobrey and Kathy Przywara at CES 2024

LG’s portfolio of products, CERTIFIED by the asthma & allergy friendly®Certification Program include front load washers, washer/dryers, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners and the renowned LG Styler – each product is a testament to LG’s substantial investment in scientific excellence. By providing consumers with validated and trusted products, LG makes a tangible difference to health and wellbeing.


As the convergence of consumer and medical tech continues, our expertise becomes increasingly significant in guiding individuals toward choices that contribute to a healthier lifestyle. CES 2024 has been a platform for unveiling the future of health and wellness technology, and as we wrap up this enlightening event, we look forward to a future where technology enhances not just our convenience but also our overall health.


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