CES 2024: The Convergence of Smart Home Technology and Indoor Air Quality

CES 2024: The Convergence of Smart Home Technology and Indoor Air Quality



Live Update from CES 2024 on the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Association!

CES 2024We were thrilled to be back at the Consumer Electronics Show where Dr. John McKeon gave us a live update from the Mandalay Hotel, Las Vegas on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the association. CES 2024 was a hub of innovation and progress, unveiling groundbreaking technologies that will shape our future.

In 2023, at the same venue at the ISSA Show, we highlighted the critical role cleaning and maintenance play in improving indoor air quality and building health. Today, we are stepping into an exciting new frontier – the convergence of smart home technology and indoor air quality. The incorporation of these technologies into our daily lives marks a significant stride toward ensuring better air quality and overall well-being. It goes beyond mere technology; it’s about sculpting a future where our homes are not just intelligent but also guardians of our health.

One of our clients exhibiting at CES was LG, and its exciting announcements echoed the power of smart home and sensor technologies in reshaping our living spaces. LG’s innovations are not merely about convenience; they signify a commitment to creating healthier and more sustainable indoor environments.

LG has adopted a comprehensive approach to crafting healthier indoor environments, showcasing asthma & allergy friendly® CERTIFIED products in air purification, vacuum, laundry, and the acclaimed LG Styler. Collaborating with LG has always been a pleasure, given their shared vision of building a sustainable “OneHealth” world, where healthy people live on a healthy planet.

As we navigate CES 2024, it’s evident that manufacturers are not just envisioning the future; they are actively building it—one smart, health-conscious home at a time. We will keep you posted with further updates and more of our clients, including our longtime client 3M, here at CES 2024!



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