A Decade of Success With Our Valued Client 3M Filtrete™ 

A Decade of Success With Our Valued Client 3M Filtrete™ 

3M at CES 2024 

We are delighted to celebrate 10 years of partnership with our valued client 3M Filtrete™

Over the past decade, our partnership with 3M Filtrete™ has blossomed into a robust and enduring collaboration, founded on shared values and a common mission. Our commitment to science, innovation, and client satisfaction mirrors the 3M brand promise of “Science Applied to Life”. Aligned in purpose, we have navigated industry shifts, a global pandemic and overcome challenges together. Our shared dedication to quality and customer-centric solutions has strengthened our ties, and  over the the years 3M Filtrete™ has expanded its range to include 5 different products.


  CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® products  include: 

At a very busy AHR Expo in Atlanta Georgia earlier this year, Dr. John McKeon was delighted to get a chance to catch up Douglas Huntley, Global R&D Director at 3M, to chat about what the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program means to them, and how the pandemic has made the certification more significant than ever.
In the wake of the pandemic,  there has been a very clear shift in priorities and the air we breathe has become more visible. There is a heightened awareness around what we are breathing and how it is affecting our health. With this focus on healthy, clean air, manufacturers are seeking ways to communicate product claims to the consumer.
As manufacturers scramble to meet these new consumer demands a ‘confusion of claims’ has become problematic and the buyer is struggling to know what to trust. The 3M brand promise of “Science Applied to Life” and their belief in third party certification helps eliminate this ‘confusion of claims’. Third party CERTIFIED products, like asthma & allergy friendly® 3M products, provide trust and validation where needed, building consumer confidence and reliability. 

CERTIFIED 3M Filtrete™ in the Media

3M Filtrete™ features regularly in publications. In ‘Reviewed’, an online publication that believes in “tough, objective, hands-on testing”, 3M Filtrete™ is listed as  one of ‘7 Genius Ways to Create an Allergy-Free Home’ 
One of the main ways that allergens make their way into your house is through your heating and cooling system. A certified allergy- and asthma-friendly filters like Filtrete Ultra Allergen Healthy Living furnace filters can remove allergens from the air, helping you breathe easier. These filters have 1550 MPR rating, which means they are suited to attract and capture tiny particles from smoke, coughing, sneezing, bacteria, and viruses. The highr the MPR rating, the more microparticles, like pollen, the filter will capture.
On kclive.tv, Dr. John McKeon highlighted the steps to take to address and help improve indoor air quality with 3M Filtrete™ Brand. Forming an integral part of a  three-step process to improve indoor air quality – controlling triggers, cleaning surfaces and cleaning the air- 3M Filtrete™ actively contribute to improved air quality to benefit the health of every household member. 

3M filtrete
Following the release of the annual Top 20 Allergy Capitals list for 2023 from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), 3M Filtrete™ published a press release highlighting their asthma & allergy friendly® certification: 
“The AAFA and ASL science-based certification process made perfect sense for 3M as a company that believes science helps create a brighter world for everyone,” said Doug Huntley, 3M Home Environment & Safety Business senior global R&D director. “As a technical and market leader for residential air filtration and improving indoor air quality, with over three decades of providing solutions to residential consumers, the certification also demonstrates the 3M Filtrete™ brand cares about our customers and wants to provide them with the best products for their needs.”
Dr. John McKeon at the International Builders’ Show (IBS) with Zach Miller, Brand Communications Manager with 3M Filtrete™ about how the Certification helps make the invisible visible and how the concept of healthy homes has evolved to be a crucial issue for the consumer.



Our Future with 3M Filtrete™

With our shared values, commitment, and our history of achievements, we look forward to furthering our partnership and achieving even greater success with 3M in the future. By building on our strong collaborative foundation, we are  enthusiastic about the prospect of a continued successful relationship.
About 3M Filtrete
For nearly 25 years, Filtrete Brand has been helping homeowners make every breath count by delivering cleaner air to millions of homes. Developed by 3M scientists and engineers, Filtrete Electrostatic Air Filters are designed with exclusive Filtrete Brand 3-in-1 technology from 3M that pulls in and traps unwanted particles — such as dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria and viruses — while letting cleaner air flow through. Filtrete Filters are consistently rated highly by a leading magazine that rates consumer products.

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