Uniting for a Healthier Future on St. Patrick’s Day

Uniting for a Healthier Future on St. Patrick’s Day


Last week, Washington DC was alive with the energy of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, offering a unique opportunity to commemorate not only Irish heritage but also the enduring bond between Ireland and the United States. This year, the festivities took on added significance as they coincided with the remarkable milestone of 100 years of diplomatic relations between the two nations.

Advocating for a healthier future

One of the highlights of the week for ASL was the Enterprise Ireland lunch, where we had the privilege of hosting a table and brought together a diverse mix of clients, colleagues, and friends. Representatives from leading organizations like Daikin, the International WELL Building Institute, the Consumer Technology Association, American Air Filters, Gensler, Home Innovation Research Labs, Tarkett, Washington Core and Vogel Group joined us toshare insights and celebrate our collective achievements in advocating for a healthier future. Cultural events like this Enterprise Ireland lunch serve as a reminder of the broader impact of cultural celebrations, underscoring the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change and fostering a healthier future.

ASL’s busy St. Patrick’s Day Trade Mission underscores our ongoing dedication to promoting healthier indoor environments and recognizing industry leaders committed to the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program and a healthier future for all. Through partnerships, advocacy, and innovation, we continue to drive positive change, fostering healthier homes and communities across America.

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