ESG and Community Award : Celebrating True Value’s Dedication to Health and Community

ESG and Community Award : Celebrating True Value’s Dedication to Health and Community

True Value Award Celebratory Dinner

Dave Morrissey, John Vanderpool, Dr. John McKeon, Steve Terpstra, Jodi Daniel, Sharmilee Nyenhuis, Meghan Butler, Andy Spears, Kathy Przywara


Last weekend in Washington DC, amidst a backdrop of celebration and recognition, True Value emerged as the deserving recipient of our inaugural “ESG and Community Award.” This award underscores True Value’s commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, as well as its dedication to community welfare.


Valued Client

Since 2018, True Value has been a valued client of the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program, fostering a partnership that has yielded remarkable results. True Value recognizes the pivotal role of scientific validation in enhancing the credibility of their products, empowering consumers to make informed decisions for healthier indoor environments. In an industry saturated with paint manufacturers making unsubstantiated health claims, True Value differentiates itself by submitting its products to rigorous scientific evaluation, thereby instilling trust and confidence among consumers.

“I am tremendously proud of the True Value teams who create these award-winning paints and help us bring healthier paint options to families in every community,” said John Vanderpool, Senior Vice President of True Value Manufacturing. “It was an honor to accept this recognition on behalf of our organization and the True Value retailer. Allergy Standards and AAFA do incredible work to ensure safer products, which makes it so special for our paint to receive this award.”

ESG and Community Award

ESG and Community Award

Dr. John McKeon, Steve Terpstra, John Vanderpool, Jenna Riemenschneider

This award not only celebrates True Value’s commitment over the past six years, alongside more than 2000 retailers, to providing Americans with healthier paint options but also recognizes its dedication to supporting local communities. True Value’s initiative to donate certified asthma & allergy friendly® paint to underserved community schools and projects highlights its involvement in community empowerment.

In collaboration with True Value retailers, the True Value Foundation operates the Painting a Brighter Future program, offering 20-gallon paint grants to deserving schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, and other youth-focused nonprofits. Since its inception in 2009, this program has donated over 68,000 gallons of paint, covering more than 27 million square feet of learning space across the country.

Education through the Program

At ASL, our mission is clear: to facilitate the creation of the healthiest possible indoor environments through science, certification, education, and innovation. Through the certification process, every retailer is equipped with the knowledge to help consumers create asthma & allergy friendly® homes, enhancing peace of mind and promoting healthier living.

True Value Retailers, with their range of CERTIFIED products, including 3M furnace filters and Endust, play a pivotal role in educating consumers and elevating industry standards. By prioritizing ESG principles and community welfare, True Value sets an example for corporate responsibility, ensuring a healthier, more sustainable future for all.


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