Tarkett Home Showcases CERTIFIED Healthier Living Innovations at TISE 2024

Tarkett Home Showcases CERTIFIED Healthier Living Innovations at TISE 2024



At The International Surface Event (TISE) 2024, in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, we had the opportunity to catch up with the team from Tarkett Home, a pioneering force in asthma & allergy friendly® flooring. Tarkett Home were among the standout contributors to a healthier indoor living space at TISE 2024 and we were delighted to see its CERTIFIED products on proud display.

TISE 2024

CERTIFIED flooring on display at TISE 2024

At the event, we had the privilege of connecting with key members of the Tarkett Home team, including Allison Bromwell and Stephanie Lengel. Stephanie, a product manager at Tarkett Home, shed light on the brand’s unwavering commitment to prioritizing healthier indoor air quality – a mission more crucial than ever in the post-COVID era as consumers increasingly seek ways to enhance their living environments.

Tarkett’s dedication to health and wellness is exemplified in their latest offerings, such as the ‘First Class’ and ‘High Street’ from the Main Street Collection. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, both products proudly bear the CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® designation, making them ideal choices for residential spaces, as well as for small businesses and retailers.

Stephanie emphasized that Tarkett’s commitment to health extends beyond surface beauty. Their innovative approach ensures that their CERTIFIED flooring plays a pivotal role in reducing indoor pollutants and allergens. This is a significant stride towards creating indoor environments that support the well-being of occupants.

Our relationship with Tarkett has been always been much more than simply commercial. It is a collaboration to create and promote a built environment that has a positive impact on people, with human health at its heart. Our common aim of finding innovative solutions for healthier materials and healthier indoor environments makes for a solid foundation for continued success together.


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