New York Home Fashion Market Week 2022

New York Home Fashion Market Week 2022

NY Market Week

The New York Home Fashion Market Week 2022 is on the horizon and excitement is building as we look forward to attending and participating in this busy and important event in the ASL calendar.

The week will give us the opportunity to meet up with many of our our certification clients including  Sijo, Pegasus and Welspun,  and deepen connections with friends like Brian Delp, CEO at New Saga Home Textiles and Beth Mack Chief Marketing and Merchandising Officer at Downlite. 

The asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program seeks to assist people to identify products which will make a genuine difference to their indoor environment. It develops certification standards for relevant categories of products, and all certified products undergo testing to those standards. In this way, the consumer can then make an informed choice about which products they are happy to bring into their home.

Textiles are a key component in the portfolio of household products that are eligible for testing and CERTIFICATION by the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program as they have the potential to provide an easy home for allergens and be a source of harmful chemicals but, importantly, if manufactured and cared for in the correct way, it is possible to reduce allergen and chemicals in them, thereby making them better choices to support healthier indoor air. 

Our mission at ASL is to help people create the healthiest possible indoor environment through science, certification and education, and at Market Week we hope to continue to expand our client base in the important area of textiles. We believe consumers with asthma and allergies should be able to easily identify products they can trust. But our certification isn’t only for those impacted by asthma and allergies, CERTIFIED products support a healthier indoor environment which is good news for everyone.


During Market Week,  ASL will be attending the Trailblazers & Titans Gala and contributing to the silent auction and scholarship program run by the HFPA Foundation.  As educators, this is an important event for us and we are excited and honoured to be involved.