Interclean Amsterdam: Advancing Standards in Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality

Interclean Amsterdam: Advancing Standards in Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality


Interclean AmsterdamInterclean Amsterdam is the world’s leading trade show for cleaning and hygiene professionals and offers the most complete overview of innovative cleaning products and solutions from all over the world.

Participating in this inspirational event were our team members Ingo Weinhold and Richard Bromhead and it proved to be a great opportunity to meet market leaders and game changers from the industry. It was inspiring to connect with global cleaning & hygiene professionals and exhibiting companies from all over the world.

In his keynote, German Ramirez spoke of the status of transformation in the cleaning, noting that the cleaning industry finds itself in a challenging period and that the amount of change and the speed with which it is taking place is creating enormous pressure. Two of the main themes of this year’s Interclean were ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Healthcare and Hygiene’, demonstrating these key areas of change.

As the industry evolves with growing demands for regulation concerning product testing and its impact on health and the indoor environment, third-party testing is becoming increasingly crucial. This trend is evident from the number of global cleaning and hygiene professionals our team engaged with, who are eager to pursue certification and testing for their products to maintain a competitive edge.

Our asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program tests products such as surface cleaning sprays, dusting wipes and laundry detergents. Cleaning product ingredients are many and varied, and remain so far largely unregulated.

In order for a cleaning product to earn Certification, strict standards for appropriate levels and ingredients must be met when:

  • Evaluating ingredients for toxicological, allergenic and sensitizing purposes
  • Analyzing airborne chemicals during use
  • Analyzing particle concentration during use
  • Evaluating allergen levels after use to ensure the product is reducing allergen burden from surfaces.

The asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program ensures that levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are very low in any products that are awarded the certification or that their concentration is low enough to warrant no concern for sensitive individuals.

All clients of the Program are supported with promotional and marketing collateral, educational presentations and research findings. 

IAQS at Interclean

Interclean Amsterdam

L-R: Prof Daniel Bonn, Ingo Weinhold, Marianne Kemmer, Jon Green

Ingo Weinhold and Richard Bromhead were privileged to attend a fantastic interactive session with our colleagues Daniel Bonn and Jon Green of the Indoor Air Quality Society | IAQS. IAQS is a not-for-profit association, which aims to use the knowledge and momentum generated by its network to raise awareness of the wide range of human health issues directed related to compromised indoor air. Their discussion at Interclean Amsterdam spanned an array of topics concerning the impact of cleaning on the quality of indoor air, from how to measure the impact to optimal solutions available to us.

During the presentation, Daniel surprised the audience with a live demonstration featuring an array of cleaning products. After using them, he measured the increased presence of VOCs in the air using a particle counter. The impact was profound, especially with everyday items like wet wipes. 

It was a pleasure to connect with our colleagues from IAQS again and we are looking forward to continuing our collaboration efforts throughout the year.




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