Dr. John Ryan speaks at Vertilux celebratory event- a Grand Open House Event to mark its 40th Anniversary

Dr. John Ryan speaks at Vertilux celebratory event- a Grand Open House Event to mark its 40th Anniversary



This week Vertilux began the celebration of its 40th Anniversary at its Headquarters in Miami, with a four-day Grand Open House Event. Vertilux is one of our newest clients and we were delighted when our CSO Dr. John Ryan was extended an invitation to speak at the conference.

Vertilux and Health

Vertilux® is not only a supplier of materials for window coverings but also a provider of comprehensive services to create better spaces to live and work. Their goal is to offer high-quality products that provide modern functional design solutions for window coverings. The company has always prioritised health in their mission to manufacture the best products available.

As early as 1985, at a time when the impact of household products and building materials on people’s health was not typically in the public consciousness, Vertilux had already adopted a healthy and sustainable philosophy and they introduced a new fabric for vertical blinds (Itaca), one of the best sellers to date. In 1994, Vertilux introduced the Polyscreen® Vision solar fabric collection, one of the healthiest options for screen curtains for interior and exterior spaces. In 2014, Vertilux launched a new family of Planet ecological fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles and aimed to have a positive impact on human health.

Over the years, Vertilux has always opted for solutions that, without neglecting the aesthetic and decorative aspect, contribute to creating healthy spaces, free of harmful chemical substances or additives that contribute to the proliferation of dust mites, fungi or bacteria that may cause allergies or other respiratory problems. In 2021, the Polyscreen® Vision and Eco Planet FR collections received the ASL Verified Component distinction from Allergy Standards.

Dr John Ryan at The Vertilux Celebratory Grand Open House Event

John Ryan Chief Strategy Officer

John Ryan Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. John Ryan’s speach entitled Healthier Homes Awareness and Practices for Building Professionals is an introduction to Allergy Standards Academy’s online education program of the same name that teaches those in the industry how to build a better air quality environment for customers. This course was developed by asthma and allergy science experts at Allergy Standards, the same company behind the world famous asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program. It  teaches professionals how to take care of customers’ health by helping them make better, more informed decisions when purchasing products and services that effect the air they breathe. The ultimate aim of the course is to improve health and wellness for all in the built environment.

“Our Vision is a world in which sources of ill health in the indoor environment are identified and not only understood, but adverse health outcomes are avoided and a healthy indoor environment is a reality for all,” said Dr Ryan.”


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