A Testimonial from Sijo, the Luxe Bedding Company

A Testimonial from Sijo, the Luxe Bedding Company


Sijo and the asthma & allergy friendly® certified bedding that is their best-seller

Elise Sabak, Senior Manager of Brands and Partnerships with Sijo, describes their CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® bedding as a luxury product that blends style and function. She explains that its lightweight feel and cooling properties combined with the CERTIIFICATION is what makes it their best-seller.





Sijo founders Anni Stromfeld and Jacob Xi named their company for a form of poetry and built it on the belief that comfort can be engineered.  Sijo sets out to create sensorially superior, sustainable sleep products conducive to quality rest, for better tomorrows. Their commitment to exhaustive material research and vigilant sourcing results in a fleet of fabrics and fibers that are not only high-quality and high-performance, but are also ethically grown and manufactured, and environmentally efficient.


The asthma & allergy friendly® certification has added another ‘proof point’ to their product, explains Elise. They have witnessed increased customer engagement and interest in the product since becoming CERTIFIED. The certification is a science-backed validation that gives consumers confidence and peace of mind that they are choosing a product that will support their health and well-being.



Sijo and their high ESG Values 

1% of every SIJO purchase is donated to a nonprofit. The team has chosen organisations that have a  personal connection to their hearts and communities and align with the values of SIJO as a brand. The asthma & allergy friendly® certification has consistently shown itself to be a valuable tool for many brands to highlight their ESG credentials.

The asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program

Our Certification Program creates competitive advantage by addressing the needs of the approximately 60 million Americans who live with asthma and allergies. Run in partnership with ASL and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, it provides clarity and confidence to consumers, allowing them to make better buying decisions. As the number of people with asthma and allergies continues to increase so to does demand for trustworthy asthma & allergy friendly® products.


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