A Shift in Focus at the American Coatings Show

A Shift in Focus at the American Coatings Show

 Meeting Societal Demands for Healthier Materials for People and the Planet

American Coatings Show 2024

American Coatings ShowPresenting a unique opportunity for meeting with customers and developing new business relationships, the eagerly anticipated American Coatings Show in Indianapolis will bring together thousands of attendees and hundreds of exhibitors. The industry will converge and showcase the latest advancements in coatings technology with the hope of discovering cutting-edge solutions that will undoubtedly shape the future of the coatings industry.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Innovations in Coatings Technology: Shaping Our Future,’ and according to the keynote speaker, Robert Roop, Senior Vice President at Axalta Coating Systems, there is a shift in coatings innovation focus. According to Roop, in the past, innovation was driven primarily by the need for improved performance while meeting regulatory compliance. In the future, however, innovation will be heavily focused on improved sustainability, driven by societal demands.

Third-Party Certification

As more end-customers and consumers become aware of the negative environmental and health impact of conventional paints, there is a growing need for solutions that are friendlier for people and the planet. This has resulted in more and more manufacturers committed to being responsible corporate citizens for the benefit of customers and the environment.

Many of these responsible, innovative manufacturers voluntarily submit their paints to a third party for independent testing against certain standards, and that stamp or certification then acts as a trusted authority for the consumer. It is advised that people with sensitivities to certain chemicals and those impacted by asthma and allergies limit exposure to VOCs as much as possible, but considering their potential harmful effects, it is better that everyone limits exposure to these chemicals. However, because many manufacturers don’t disclose all their paint’s ingredients, to protect IP and/or innovation, it makes avoiding particular ingredients a difficult task for the consumer.

Third-party certification programs are one way to allow consumers to identify a more suitable product. This voluntary pursuit of certification not only serves as a powerful marketing tool but also mitigates regulatory complexities while instilling consumer trust through independent validation of product performance claims.

Many of these forward-thinking companies will converge at the American Coatings Show, eager to cultivate new relationships with raw material manufacturers. Paint components that align with certification standards or boast approval for use in low-emitting paints hold a distinct advantage, presenting an appealing proposition for companies seeking to streamline the certification process and amplify their commitment to sustainability.

Empowering the Healthier Buildings Movement

The healthier buildings movement is a powerful and growing phenomenon that was born of societal demands for healthier materials for people and the planet. But healthier buildings are constructed from thousands of individual components, and if these components don’t support a healthier environment, then the concept fails. Manufacturers of coatings and adhesive raw materials are integral to a healthier environment, being at the core of the manufacturing process of paints.

The asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program

asthma & allergy friendly® logoThe asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program takes a balanced approach when certifying products. We look at the full range of how a product can impact a person in the built environment. We want to identify paints that do not contain ingredients that are unnecessarily harmful, and we want to make sure that any necessary chemicals that could cause a harmful reaction are present at as low a level as is needed for them to function. Unlike many standard tests and certifications that only look at VOC emissions after a 10-day conditioning period, we measure VOC levels at 24 and 336 hours after application as we believe it’s important that VOC levels should remain low from the outset. We also test the performance of a paint, so it must pass standardized performance tests.

American Coatings ShowThe asthma & allergy friendly® Certification has been approved by the US Green Buildings Council (USGBC) LEED® Building Rating System, making it a qualified third-party certification for the LEED v4.1 low-emitting materials credit. LEED is a widely used green building rating system run by the USGBC, and provides a framework for healthy, efficient, carbon and cost-saving green buildings. CERTIFIED products also comply with WELL Feature X06 Part 1b4, making them a very attractive option for those in the growing cohort in the building industry wishing to achieve WELL Certification.


Major industry leaders like True Value, Master Paint, AkzoNobel, Nippon Paint, Samhwa, Carpoly, and Benjamin Moore have already achieved this certification, showing their commitment to a healthier future. With their focus on the planet, preservation, and people, they are paving the way for all paint manufacturers and are providing an opportunity for raw material manufacturers to support their innovation.


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