Zoholics is back! Allergy Standards attend Zoho user conference

Zoholics is back! Allergy Standards attend Zoho user conference

Zoho UKAt long last live events are back and we have a great opportunity to attend the Zoho annual user conference in London. We will spend 2 whole days immersed in the Zoho experience -learning best practices, discovering new products and catching up on enhanced existing offerings.

The conference gives us a chance to update our training and connect with fellow users. With sessions covering everything from basic usage to advanced techniques, Zoholics is the ideal place to learn new tricks and gain knowledge, attend in-depth training sessions and learn about advanced functionality and integrations. Zoho representatives from all over the world will attend and we are looking forward to meeting the executive team and key product experts.  


Allergy Standards and Zoho

Zoho’s suite of products is the backbone of our business and has been an indispensable tool as our business has expanded in recent years. During the pandemic, it facilitated a smooth continuity of workflow, allowing our business to move forward seamlessly. It provides systems that cover an entire spectrum of business applications.

Our unique Client Services Portal is built using Zoho’s powerful software. Using this, clients can accesss all the services they require. Videos, articles, white papers, case studies and other supportive information is available. Service requests can be submitted and documents viewed. This allows for our clients to be self served and stay up to date with all their needs.

Zoho has truly transformed the way we work and we are excited and eager to learn more at Zoholics UK 2022. 

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