Why Are We Becoming More Allergic?

Why Are We Becoming More Allergic?

Are-we-becoming-more-allergic-Allergy-StandardsEach tragedy is heart-breaking.

15 year-old Natasha who collapsed and died on a flight from London to Nice after eating a baguette containing sesame. Her Dad used 2 EpiPen’s while a doctor on board the plane performed CPR in an attempt to resuscitate her. She was going on holiday with her best friend.

9-year-old Ella who died from asthma exacerbated by consistently high pollution in the area of London where she lived. She endured 3 years of seizures and 27 hospital admissions before her death from an asthma attack in 2013. Ella lived near one of the capital's busiest roads and a 2018 report concluded it was likely that unlawful levels of pollution contributed to her fatal asthma attack.

21 year-old Rachel who died after eating an egg roll-that unknown to her-contained peanuts. Rachel was a molecular genetics student at university. She loved to ................

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