GreenBuild International Conference and Expo

GreenBuild International Conference and Expo

Jon Khalev, Key Account Manager, and Courtney Sunna, VP of Strategic Business Development, attended the GreenBuild International Conference and Expo in Chicago representing Allergy Standards (ASL) and the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program.

GreenBuild Conference Chicago Allergy Standards team

GreenBuild Conference Chicago Allergy Standards team

About the GreenBuild Conference

GreenBuild is the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to green building. The conference brings together industry leaders, experts and frontline professionals dedicated to sustainable building in their everyday work. The official media sponsor of the event is the US Green Building Council of which ASL is a member.

ASL and the Certification Program at GreenBuild

Several clients from the Certification Program, such as Tarkett, Benjamin Moore and Dyson, had booths at the event.

Jon Khalev and Courtney Sunna attended various educational tracks and gained diverse perspectives from manufacturers, suppliers, architects, as well as contractors on healthy buildings and their implications. The key takeaways from these discussions are on transparency and cooperation.

  • Transparency in building products are key. Companies are looking to be more transparent with their customers through ways of conveying to their customers what is in their products.
  • It is also necessary for manufacturers to cooperate and work together in achieving the same goal of a sustainable future.

Finally, the importance of improving indoor environments – such as schools – has been highlighted during the event as these have significant impacts on overall health.

The team was delighted to have attended the event in Chicago and to represent the Certification Program as its main objective is to help people in improving their indoor environment.


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