Dr. John McKeon At The 2022 BOMA International Conference

Dr. John McKeon At The 2022 BOMA International Conference

BOMA International Conference


Panel Discussion at BOMA International Conference Features in Buildings.com 

It is estimated that almost 2 million women and men around the world still die due to work-related accidents or diseases every year. If not managed well, work can be a direct contributor to poor physical and mental health. At the same time, work can be leveraged to drive significant positive health. More and more businesses are now embarking upon efforts to prioritize health and wellbeing, and to embed it into their operations and culture. While historically this might have meant a focus on occupational health and safety in the workplace, this is now expanding to consider employee health and wellbeing much more holistically incorporating elements of physical, mental, social, and financial wellbeing. 

At the 2022 BOMA International Conference, ASL CEO Dr. John McKeon was joined by Rasha Hasaneen of Trane Technologies and CHES , Zach Flora Vice President of Market Growth at Center for Active Design and Supriya Murthy of Arcadis in a panel discussion moderated by  Bill Sisson of WBCSD entitled ‘Healthy Buildings, Healthy People: Strategies for Employee Well-Being and Sustainable Business Growth’.

The four shared a wide range of perspectives and strategies on this important topic in an engaging and thought-provoking session. Commercial Real Estate plays a fundamental role in helping business owners create spaces which enable a healthy and engaged workforce and the 2022 BOMA International Conference marked the beginning of an exciting new era. There’s never been a better time to refocus and rethink what we know about commercial real estate. This panel discussion considered the outcomes, strategies and insights into the future of employee health and well being in the context of a healthy indoor environment.

“We’re human beings, not human doings. How we feel in our environment is really important. The highest human resource you have is harnessing the human spirit, and if our environment can harness human capital in the IP business, that’s important,” said Dr. John McKeon at the conference.




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