Best Humidifiers of 2019 – Health & Wellness

Best Humidifiers of 2019 – Health & Wellness

TopTen Reviews Best Humidifiers 2019 asthma & allergy friendly Certification Program

TopTen Reviews Best Humidifiers 2019 asthma & allergy friendly Certification Program

Insightful review on the product review website,  10 TopTen Reviews.  In the article, the author explains that they have been reviewing 23 humidifiers from 17 different manufacturers since 2012 to help consumers find the best one for them. As well as testing and trying the humidifiers themselves they talked with experts such as Michele Cassalia, Director of Marketing for the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program, and Karen Boren, a writer who has done extensive research on health and wellness. 

Cassalia emphasized the importance of daily maintenance of your humidifier, regardless of the brand or type. While there are a lot of humidifier options out there, the AAFA only certifies the Dyson humidifier. We discuss this in detail in the section below on the latest technology. Cassalia said humidifiers can be tricky and the number one rule with them is you need to check with an allergist, immunologist, pediatrician or a general doctor to see if the humidifier is going to help you and your sinuses survive winter. “This is especially true if you have in-door allergies to mold or dust mites,” she said. “Always check with a doctor.”


The Certified asthma & allergy friendly® humidifiers have been tested against ASL scientific standards and are scientifically proven to help contain and reduce exposure to asthma and allergy triggers. 

In order for a humidifier to meet our rigorous requirement, strict standards for appropriate levels must be met when:
  1. Evaluating its capability to achieve and maintain relative humidity levels;
  2. Analyzing its capability to sanitize the water during use; and
  3. Measuring its ability to reduce pre-existing contamination in the room.


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