e-book “The Chemicals in Our Homes and Their Health Implications”

e-book “The Chemicals in Our Homes and Their Health Implications”

e-book The Chemicals in our Homes and their Health Implications, Dr. Tim Yeomans, Allergy Standards

We are delighted to announce that our first e-book is now available. The e-book gathers all the insightful articles written by our guest blogger Dr. Tim Yeomans and published on our Blog this past year 2018. 

Who is this e-book for?

  • People with health issues such as asthma and allergies looking for recommendations to improve the air quality in their homes and reduce asthma and allergy triggers that impacts their lives
  • Those concerned about their wellness and wellbeing looking at understanding and improving their indoor environment in general
  • Buyers looking at purchasing the best quality products for their homes, offices, school or workplace
  • Concerned individuals investigating what chemicals are ingredients in a wide range of products and the impact they have on health.

What is the structure and length of the e-book? 

The e-book gathers 5 chapters featuring selected products we come into contact with every day 

  1. Chemicals in Textiles
  2. Chemicals in Paint
  3. Chemicals in Cleaning Products
  4. Chemicals in Flooring 
  5. Chemicals in Insulation 

How does this content offer something new to the reader? 

  • Technical and scientific content written in an accessible way with easy to understand knowledge.
  • Detailed description of each chemical and “why” it is used in the featured products.
  • Top recommendations are given at the end of each article to help the reader, summarizing the most important takeaways .
  • Relevant Certification marks are listed, explained and compared to give a better understanding of the certification landscape to the reader.



About the author 

Dr. Tim Yeomans photo

Dr. Tim Yeomans photo

Dr. Tim Yeomans is the Centre Manager for Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre, a collaboration between two third level colleges in Ireland. Tim holds a PhD in Microbiology and postgraduate qualifications in Technology Commercialisation and Innovation Management. Tim has worked in research and development for 20 years, both in industry and academia. In his role in Shannon ABC, Tim is responsible for the scientific direction of the Centre, intellectual property management and business and technology development.

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