Allergy Standards Ltd Strongly Represented at EAACI 2024

Allergy Standards Ltd Strongly Represented at EAACI 2024

We are very excited about our strong representation at this year’s EAACI 2024 Annual Congress by our colleague from airmid healthgroup , Angela Southey PhD, MPH,  and from the recipient of the Amber Tringale award, Dr. Sharmilee Nyenhuis, who are both presenting important research at the event.

EAACI 2024The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) Annual Congress is the world’s largest gathering of experts in allergy and clinical immunology. This event brings together global specialists to share cutting-edge research and engage in enlightening discussions across diverse session formats. Among the groundbreaking abstracts presented, Dr. Southey and Dr. Nyenhuis’s work will be featured on Friday, 31st May.

Bed Bug Research by Dr. Angela Southey at EAACI 2024

Dr. Angela Southey, Chief Technical Officer at airmid healthgroup, will present her abstract titled “Sleep Tight! – Bed Bug Testing of Bedding Encasements.” Conducted in collaboration with Aaron Robinson, MSc Parasitology, this research addresses the increasing bed bug infestations in urban areas and the need for effective, non-chemical preventative measures.

“As bed bug populations in our cities continue to rise, there is a growing need to prevent infestations using safe, preventative control measures over chemical treatments,” said Angela Southey. “The findings presented here highlight the importance of conducting reliable tests to effectively demonstrate the barrier efficacy of bedding encasements against bed bugs.”

Bed bugs are a persistent problem, capable of surviving for long periods without feeding and easily infesting households. With urban infestations on the rise, preventative measures are crucial. Bedding companies play a key role by producing encasements that act as barriers against bed bugs, preventing their escape, bite-through, or repelling them entirely.

Aaron Robinson’s findings emphasize the importance of rigorous testing to validate these encasements’ effectiveness. Reliable testing ensures these products provide the promised protection against bed bug infestations.

airmid healthgroup maintains an in-house colony of bed bugs and offers comprehensive testing services in dedicated chambers. In response to the rising infestations, airmid has pioneered advanced bed bug behavioral monitoring combined with highly specific and sensitive molecular testing.

Their expert team conducts various tests, including assays with artificial bed bug feeders to determine bite-proof materials across all developmental stages of the bed bug lifecycle. They also perform small and large-scale barrier assays to ensure products effectively trap bed bugs. Specialized testing options, such as viability and repellency assays, can be tailored to specific products, whether liquid or material-embedded.

Climate Change and Asthma Research by Dr. Sharmilee Nyenhuis at EAACI 2024

Dr. Sharmilee Nyenhuis, an Allergist and Immunologist, serves as Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Illinois Chicago and Chief of the Section of Allergy at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center. She will present her poster, “Perceived Impact and Awareness of Climate Change among Climate-Vulnerable Adults with Asthma,” funded by the Amber Tringale Award from the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program, a collaboration between ASL and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA).

Our certification program helps consumers identify products suitable for those with asthma and allergies through rigorous independent testing. Products earn the certification mark only if they meet stringent scientific standards.

The Amber Tringale Memorial Award, valued at $10,000, supports healthcare professionals from Ireland or the US in presenting scientific data at prestigious conferences. The award focuses on education and prevention around acute asthma exacerbations and emergency room management, honoring the legacy of Amber Tringale, who tragically lost her life to asthma at 48.

Dr. Nyenhuis’s study assesses the perceptions and awareness of extreme weather and air quality on asthma in a representative urban population using a mixed methods approach. With climate change exacerbating local environments through increased pollution, extreme temperatures, severe weather, and prolonged pollen seasons, understanding patient perceptions is crucial for fostering behavior changes to mitigate these impacts on asthma.

Join us at EAACI 2024 to explore these groundbreaking findings and more.



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