Retailer Influence & Engagement

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Retailer Influence & Engagement

Our specialist knowledge and expertise of asthma and allergy triggers enables ASL to provide services to retailers who want to educate the “allergy aware” consumer on the best products to buy.

Services for Retail Stores who want to attract an allergy audience:

  • Video tutorials on Certification
  • Physician videos regarding allergies, asthma, causes and prevention
  • Webinars with experts
  • Retail Store Associate (RSA) Training – via webinar
  • Retail Store Associate (RSA) Training – via 1-page handout
  • List of Certified Products carried at specific retail stores with SKU – through our client services portal.

Topics may include:

  • Whole Home Environmental Control by Product Category, Season and Region
  • What are the top questions asked by allergy sufferers, and what products are best to avoid allergenic triggers?
  • Education segmented by room in the home
  • Scientific/Physician hosted videos
  • Customized original content/articles
  • Product Information: Carpet & Flooring, Textiles, Building Materials, Air Quality Management, Cleaning Products, Electrical Appliances.

This may be beneficial for the following Retailer stakeholders in:

  • Merchandisers
  • UX Designers
  • Digital Content Editors
  • Sustainability / CSR Teams
  • Branding Team
  • Partnerships

Our global team of medical and scientific experts can provide bespoke services to manufacturers who need assistance getting past the retail gatekeepers and get their products targeted at the “allergy aware” consumer placed on the shelves.

Services for Manufacturers who want to obtain retail placement:

  • Pitch Pack Slides
  • Educate the Buyer materials
  • Detailed product testing information
  • Risk avoidance/Claim validation tips
  • List of Certified Products carried at specific retail stores with SKU

This may be beneficial for the following Manufacturer stakeholders

  • Anyone actively pitching or educating retail buyers
  • Product Managers
  • Marketing Managers

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