Research & Innovation

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Research & Innovation

ASL is a global team of qualified, scientific and medical experts who can provide expert advisory services at all stages of the manufacturing process, from R&D and product development to supply chain and go-to-market planning.

Landscape Analysis

Allergy Standards has access to information that will be beneficial for your organization when considering an allergy claim or Market Mapping an allergy audience.

Our cutting edge reports are customized for you and include actionable insights on:

  • Legal and advertising risk issues when making an allergy claim, with supporting evidence by FTC, EPA, FDA, and other regulatory bodies
  • Critical allergy audience insights
  • Geographies of focus (national or international)
  • Targeted research into purchasing and buying behaviors
  • Landscape analysis of claims in related industries
  • Growth and demand for allergy-avoidance products
  • Forecast of the size and growth of the allergy and asthma market
  • Product and industry sector insights related to asthma and allergies

This may be beneficial for stakeholders in:

  • Legal/Compliance/Risk
  • Marketing
  • Key Decision Makers (Division heads, VPs).

Scientific Consulting

Our expert knowledge can help you innovate & develop better products, that create healthier homes and workplaces for your customers, significantly reducing the triggers affecting those impacted by allergy and asthma.

Our scientific advisory services include:

  • R&D Advisory Services
  • Audit of Existing Labelling Compliance & Risk Assessment
  • Scientific Market Research
  • Supply Chain Components Verification & Factory Audit
  • Industry Specific Product Test Insights (what passed/failed and why).

This may be beneficial for stakeholders in:

  • Research & Development
  • Innovation
  • Scientists / Chemists
  • Supply Chain
  • Sourcing Managers
  • Legal / Compliance / Risk

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