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Digital Content

We have consumer data and allergy insights, backed up by science, that can help you not only create greater awareness of allergy prevention in the home and the importance of third party Certifications, but also pitch your products & services better to your target customers.

We can provide the following education and content services:

Allergy Avoidance Education

  • Peer reviewed, physician-approved education materials
  • Education on trigger-factor avoidance and whole-home environmental control
  • Original content with the most up-to-date allergy advice and education related to products that are currently certified.

Scientific Education

  • The “science behind Certification marks”
  • Curated content from testing reports
  • Claim validation and approvals

Digital Content

  • Scientific video of testing processes hosted by an influencer
  • A product-related instructional video, telling the story of the “science”
  • Curated content (articles, education) for consumers
  • B2B Pitch Presentation Slides
  • Hosted webinars for industry stakeholders

Access to Influencers

  • We can give you access to renowned allergists and immunologists, scientists, physicians, associated not-for-profit organisations, related government influencers,  to help product innovation and pitch them effectively to your target audience

This may be beneficial for stakeholders in:

  • Marketing Managers
  • Product Managers
  • UX Designers
  • Brand Managers
  • eCommerce Specialists
  • Sales Managers

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