Crown Paints Case Study

Crown Paints Case Study

Crown Paints Case Study

Crown paints uses the Certification to reinforce their commitment to be the trusted paint solution for consumers.

“I was initially contacted by Allergy Standards back in January 2018 and I was immediately impressed with their open and professional approach and the clarity of their communication. […] I truly felt that the asthma & allergy friendly® label had the potential to offer real and meaningful choice and additional benefits to our customers… ” John Murphy, Technical Director


  • Crown Paints were looking to reinforce their proposition for a healthier indoor environment.

  • They wanted to offer real and meaningful choice to their customers whilst also being fully aligned with their core values of being connected to their customers, being socially committed, constantly challenging and inspiring confidence.

  • Crown Paints were also looking to challenge their products to strict scientific testing as a testament that they meet their brand promise of trusted solutions.

Research and Insights

  • Research shows that paints can have an impact on people with sensitive respiratory system such as people with asthma.

  • Some chemicals can cause irritation to the skin and/or the eyes to which certain people can be particularly sensitive.


  • Crown Paints submitted their Breatheasy® paint for testing to the rigorous scientific standards established by Allergy Standards for the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program to look at the emissions of the paint.

  1. A painted surface was placed in an environmentally controlled chamber and emissions were measured over a 14 day period.

  2. A constituent review was also carried out, involving a detailed expert assessment of all the raw materials that make up the paint to ensure that any allergens presence are below strict limits.

  3. The paint must meet certain performance criteria, to ensure that it acts like a paint when applied to a surface, eg drying time, scrubbability, adhesion.

Benefits of Collaboration 

  • The asthma & allergy friendly® Certification has further reinforced Crown Paints’ proposition, in that it’s about creating a healthier indoor environment for the consumer and their families.

  • The independent third party testing reinforced Crown Paints’ commitment to be the trusted paint solution for consumers.


  • Crown Paints’ new initiative has already started to be referenced in the home interest press and across various social media channels.

  • A collaboration project with Mumsnet, a website for parents in the UK which hosts discussions, advice and information for parenting was launched. As part of this project, a selection of influencers tried the Breatheasy® paint and shared their views across their social media and blog platforms.

The Future 

Due to the positive feedback Crown Paints have received for their initiative with the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification, they are already looking to roll out to other Crown Paints products over the next year.


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