Bedding Line from Wicked Sheets Passes ASP:02 Textile Certification Standards

Bedding Line from Wicked Sheets Passes ASP:02 Textile Certification Standards

Product Certification News Alert Aug 2017, Dublin, Ireland Allergy Standards Limited (ASL), the International standards and Certification Body (CB) for allergy labelling, today announced that the entire kit performance bedding line from Wicked Sheets have passed the relevant Certification Standards. The product will now be added to the certification product database (CPD) and will therefore be eligible to join one or more of the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Programs in association with the relevant national patient advocacy group. The product will also now be findable on the certification web site and the companion app which is available in the App store and Google play.

How did the Knit Performance Bedding Line obtain the Certification?

This ASP:02 Certification Standard is targeted to bedding products that are scientifically proven to reduce exposure to asthma and allergy triggers. The Certification Standard utilizes an algorithm of proprietary and recognized scientific techniques to assess beddings for their ability to reduce allergenic and irritant materials. Product samples that pass certification testing are granted a certificate stating that the particular bedding item meets the requirements for the asthma & allergy friendly® ASP:02 Certification Standard. Scientific Overview of Certification Testing ASL subjects the items to both physical and chemical testing to ensure that they do not have properties that is likely to irritate both asthma and allergy symptoms in susceptible people. Different aspects are evaluated:

  1. The product must provide an effective barrier to the passage of allergen
  2. Allergen accumulating on the outer surface of the product must be removable by the recommended eradication techniques at stipulated intervals
  3. The product must have the ability to withstand the recommended eradication techniques at the indicated frequency
  4. The fabric of the product must be ‘breathable’ in order to ensure user comfort
  5. The product must not contain chemicals known to trigger allergenic or irritant

The Knit Performance bedding line then obtained the certification after the products they sent for testing passed the tests and met the scientific requirements.

The Knit Performance, a bedding line made by Wicked Sheets

Wicked Sheets is a Louisville, Kentucky based eCommerce bedding company that manufactures moisture-wicking and cooling bedding hand-sewn in the USA for sufferers of night sweats and hot flashes. As their goal is to bring premium quality products to their consumers, certifying their products as asthma & allergy friendly® was a coherent step moving forward.


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