Wrap Up Report and Video Blog of Texworld USA July 2017 Program

Wrap Up Report and Video Blog of Texworld USA July 2017 Program

Ahead of their attendance at the New York Home Fashions Market September 2017 meeting, the ASL team have released their wrap up report and video blog of the Summer 2017 Seminar Series organized by Texworld USA, in New- York.

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This important professional event for the textile industry was another opportunity for Dr John McKeon to take part in the discussion and meet some of the biggest textile companies.

The Summer 2017 Seminar Series organised by Texworld USA was a must-attend event for professionals in every facet of the textile industry.   The international event took place over two days on Monday, July 17th and Tuesday, July 18th.

As part of the Seminar series on textiles and sourcing, Dr John McKeon was invited as a guest speaker on textiles and allergens and will give a Texworld Talk called Asthma and Allergy-Friendly Textiles and Breathe Easier on Tuesday morning.

Meetings With Key Opinion leaders

The Texworld business platform was an opportunity for John McKeon to meet several textile industry key opinion leaders attending the event:

With a focus on sustainability and performance fibers and textiles, the Texworld USA Summer 2017 Seminar Series was a particularly interesting event for ASL team.


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