ASL Appoints Jennifer Whelan Senior Project Manager

ASL Appoints Jennifer Whelan Senior Project Manager

Jennifer Whelan Senior Project Manager

Jennifer Whelan Senior Project Manager

Fast Growing Global Standards Body Strengthens Resources Appoints Jennifer Whelan


ASL announced today that Jennifer Whelan has joined the firm to further develop and manage their growing portfolio of international clients and standards.

Jennifer joins ASL as a senior project manager of operations, working with colleagues in testing, licensing and joint venture partnerships. She will work to create efficiencies in the project pipeline, so that workflows are smooth and project timelines are reduced.

Jennifer said: “I’m delighted to be joining such an innovative and dynamic company. ASL has become a leader in its field, and I am looking forward to working with the excellent team here to build on its success as it continues to grow.”

Jennifer was an Irish diplomat for nine years, working in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. She represented Ireland on postings to the Irish Embassies in China and Ethiopia. Jennifer brings to Allergy Standards her wide-ranging and in-depth experience in project management, policy and strategy, communications, and international relations. She has academic qualifications in statistics, international relations, and psychology.

John McKeon CEO said: “Jennifer’s wealth of experience and industry knowledge has already made her a key addition to the Allergy Standards family. We view her appointment as a sign of our commitment to being the leading company in our industry. Our new innovations and the increasing demand from our customers led us to look for an addition to our team who will fit in with our ethos of innovation and exceptional service, and it is very fortunate that we could find someone of Jennifer’s calibre to fulfil this role. I’m confident that Jennifer will play a key role in providing and implementing high quality solutions for our clients.”

About Allergy Standards

Allergy Standards Limited (ASL) is a physician led global certification company that prepares independent standards for testing a wide range of products to determine their suitability for asthmatics and individuals with associated allergies. ASL has devised a series of proprietary testing protocols and suitability specifications for products to meet to be eligible for certification as asthma & allergy friendly®™.

ASL has developed the asthma & allergy friendly®™ mark to identify products that consumers can trust have been subject to rigorous testing to determine their relative suitability for people with asthma and allergies.

We have applied internationally recognized asthma and allergy trigger avoidance recommendations including both allergens and irritants.

Our management team possesses specialist skills in a variety of medical fields including asthma and other allergic diseases.

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