In Conversation with Beth Doehner: Tarkett’s Growing Range of CERTIFIED Products

In Conversation with Beth Doehner: Tarkett’s Growing Range of CERTIFIED Products

At Design Days, Leah McInerney, Customer Success Manager, engaged in conversation with Beth Doehner, Sustainability Program Manager at Tarkett, focusing on their  journey with the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program. Tarkett’s dedication to enhancing indoor air quality through CERTIFIED flooring solutions has been evident throughout their long-term partnership with our program.

Beth highlighted that Tarkett embarked on their certification journey approximately 12 years ago. This significant milestone represents over a decade of consistent efforts to ensure their products meet rigorous standards for indoor air quality. A recent highlight in their journey is the certification of their first soft-surface product, the Powerbond RS, as asthma & allergy friendly®.

Tarkett’s approach is holistic, integrating health and sustainability into their product development strategy. By ensuring  any health claims around their flooring solutions are backed by scientific evidence, Tarkett provides their clients with confidence in the air quality benefits of their products. 

Looking ahead, Beth discussed Tarkett’s strategic focus on expanding the reach of the asthma & allergy friendly® certification across various market segments. By targeting key sectors such as workplaces, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions, Tarkett aims to enhance awareness of CERTIFIED solutions. This strategic expansion ensures that no matter the environment, consumers have access to flooring products that support healthier indoor air quality.

Tarkett’s extensive portfolio of CERTIFIED products highlights their commitment to offering tailored solutions for diverse spaces. Whether for an office, hospital, or school, Tarkett ensures that consumers can find products that meet their specific needs while aligning with the highest standards of health and sustainability.

The ongoing certification journey of Tarkett exemplifies their steadfast commitment to sustainability and health. By prioritizing the well-being of end-users and the environments they occupy, Tarkett continues to set the standard in creating healthier indoor spaces. We look forward to continued collaboration with Tarkett, supporting their mission to lead the way in promoting healthier indoor environments through CERTIFIED flooring solutions.

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