Dyson Interview with Jessica Bahn at AAAAI 2017

Dyson Interview with Jessica Bahn at AAAAI 2017

Jessica Bahn (Marketing Manager at Dyson) outlines their engagement with physicians at AAAAI 2017 in Atlanta, while demonstrating the Dyson PureHot + CoolLink asthma & allergy friendly®® Certified air cleaner. [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDeFT2ZOs6c&start=10&width=750&height=421&centervid=1&rel=0[/embedyt]

Video Transcript – Jessica Bahn at AAAAI 2017

How long have Dyson been with the Program? So, we’ve been certified since 2015 with the launch of our Dyson Humidifier What products are you profiling today? This is our Pure Hot + Cool Link its a HEPA air filter as well as a heater and fan that’s smartphone connected Have you spoken to healthcare professionals today about Certification? We have and people definitely respond very positively to it. They know that their patients look for the AAFA Certification. People recognise that. It’s a trusted Standard. Have you surveyed doctors about Dyson products and indoor air quality? We have actually so at a conference this past November we partnered with AAFA to run an intercept survey that asked allergist and physicians questions about just air purifiers. In general, how important it is for them to see certifications have HEPA certified product and their attitude towards Dyson air purifiers. It was very informative for us and we’ve been using those insights in our marketing and our endeavours for this year Do Dyson make any other products that are Certified? Yes, so we actually are uniquely positioned because not only do we have environment control or air treatments products that are certified like our air purifier and humidifiers but we also have floor care with our vacuum, both our full-size upright and cancer vacuums as well as our cord free so that you can truly have whole home certification Do Dyson get involved in educating the community about asthma & allergy? Yes, we do so we obviously want to speak to allergy sufferers and we always prominently display the certification, they understand and recognize that certification that logo but this year we really are investing quite heavily in educating people on the reality of indoor air quality it’s not just allergy sufferers everyone can truly benefit from having an air purifier, a certified product that can improve air quality Where can I learn more about certified Dyson products? Well I would encourage you to learn more at aafa.org/Certifiied to learn more about certified products like the Dyson environment control machines but if you want to purchase one please visit Dyson.com So has AAAAI 2017 been a success for Dyson? It’s been a great show we’ve had tonnes of interest really enjoy being here on the booth with AAFA looking forward to being at more events and building up our partnership in the years to come.

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