Dr. John McKeon will speak at ISSA Show 2022

Dr. John McKeon will speak at ISSA Show 2022

ISSA Show 2022

The ISSA Show 2022


ISSA Show 2022A week after speaking at Cleaning Products US, ASL will be at the ISSA Show 2022 in Chicago to continue its mission to help people breathe healthier air.  The cleaning industry is pushing forward at pace and it is important that the concept of cleaning for health is embedded in its core philosophy. Our CEO Dr. John McKeon will deliver a presentation entitled ‘Cleaning for Health to Create the Healthiest Possible Indoor Environment’  on how an integrated approach is necessary when cleaning for health.  

One major habit change triggered by the pandemic was the frequency of cleaning. According to a study published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice, it was observed that the frequency of cleaning (69.3%) and the amount of cleaning product usage (74.2%) increased significantly. The sale of cleaning products skyrocketed. The global household cleaning products market size was USD 235.76 billion in 2021 – exhibiting an incline of 6.5% in 2021 alone. But what impact do these products have on our indoor air? Are these products cleaning for health? John will address these issues and much more.

ISSA Show 2022, Education and ESG

The ISSA Show 2022 show will offer opportunities for networking, education, and product discovery at a time when collaboration and learning are essential. The conference allows the industry to stay up to date on the latest trends and solutions for cleaning, disinfection, and infection prevention.The Mission of ISSA Show North America is to be the leading resource for information, education, innovation, networking, and commercial opportunities for firms within the worldwide cleaning industry.

In November 2021 we were finally able to travel to the US again and to the ISSA Show 2021 where we met with our clients Renegade Brands and their CEO William Sherman who was delighted to share his enthusiasm about being the first CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly laundry detergent. It’s meeting like these that make the ISSA Show such a success for us.     

According to the ISSA, pursuing accreditation, training, and certification helps further evolve the industry and helps change the way the world views cleaning. This aligns well with our beliefs that education is king. ASL and GBAC have only recently announced the formation of an educational working group focused on indoor air quality (IAQ) in the built environment. The working group will be developed and run by the Allergy Standards Academy in partnership with the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), a Division of ISSA, with whom we have enjoyed a productive relationship with an existing educational partnership that was announced in July. The purpose of the new GBAC-ASL educational group is to develop toolkits and education programs for cleaning professionals responsible for educational, offices, retail, and health care facilities. The two organizations anticipate the group’s influence will have relevance and impact in communities where health inequity and financial challenges have the highest-burden costs and will equip building owners, operators, and managers with the tools required to fulfil their ESG requirements.


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