China Trade Mission August 2023 Wrap Up

China Trade Mission August 2023 Wrap Up

Our recent China Trade Mission has come to a close so it’s a good time to reflect on some key takeaways.

Our attendance and participation at The Filtration and Separation Asia event was marked by the signing of an agreement related to allergen filtration assessments with one of our testing partners, SGS IBR Laboratories, in Suzhou. As part of our ongoing mission to create healthier indoor environments, our time in China gave us a unique insight into how the theme of healthy buildings is not only resonating USA and Europe but is a hot topic in Asia too.

In Suzhou we also spoke at the SGS IBR Filtration Technology Seminar – with our CEO Dr John McKeon giving a keynote on activation around our testing & certification programs. And separately our CIO Dave Morrissey’s keynote highlighted on how, with the iAIR Academy, iAIR Institute, going beyond certification, to educate and create partnerships, can position purpose driven companies as thought leaders in this space.

We would like to thank Susan Goldsmith, 薛峥 Legend Xue, Zhao Hui, Johnathan Qi and the extended team at SGS for their hospitality while we were in China.
All these impressive people are individually working hard to create and maintain healthy and sustainable built environments.
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