ASL Talks to the IAQS About How to Create a #OneHealth World

ASL Talks to the IAQS About How to Create a #OneHealth World


Allergy Standards Talks to the Indoor Air Quality Society about how to Create a #OneHealth World, where Healthy People Live on a Healthy Planet.

We were delighted to be invited to talk to the Indoor Air Quality Society | IAQS about ASL’s vision of creating a #onehealth world, where healthy people live on a healthy planet. The Indoor Air Quality Society and Allergy Standards share a common goal to raise awareness about the importance of air quality in our daily lives so it was a wonderful opportunity to connect and discuss. The talk highlighted our asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program, the ASL Academy and the ASL Institute and how science can further our vision of making the United Nations human right to breathe clean air a reality.

The key to improving indoor air quality for all is an integrated approach to building science involving all those involved in the building industry including designers, architects and those who maintain buildings says Dr John McKeon in this interview with Prof. Daniel Bonn Chairman of the IAQS. ASL can act like a bridge between the building community and the medical community to facilitate the merging of best practices and ensure healthy air for all. Furthermore, consumers are confused by false and misleading claims around products that promise to support a healthier indoor environment so it is imperative that claims are supported by good science.


It is through meetings and workshops like these that we facilitate and stimulate debate, promote knowledge sharing and increase awareness. Partnership is indeed the new leadership.




Indoor Air Quality Society | IAQS

IAQS is a non-profit organization that promotes the exchange of indoor air quality information and expertise. Its members include professionals from various industries, including architecture, engineering, and healthcare.IAQS is a not-for-profit Association, which aims to use the knowledge and momentum generated by its network to raise awareness of the wide range of human health issues directed related to compromised indoor air. The aim is to bring industry experts, researchers regulators government officials and consumers together to stimulate debate in order to educate the public at large on IAQ, as well as to address the many misperceptions in this area.



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