5 Top Tips to Differentiate your Products from the Competition

5 Top Tips to Differentiate your Products from the Competition

5 Top Tips to differentiate your products from the competition

5 Top Tips to differentiate your products from the competition

Are you wondering what separates companies that are delivering on their brand promise from the ones that are not, and how companies can tighten their messaging to cut across the noise?

Allergy Standards have been conducting interviews of top manufacturers and we asked them to give some insights on how they develop new products and their marketing strategy. 

Here are the 5 Top Tips from some of the most innovative manufacturers to help you differentiate your products from the competition.

1. Third-party validation

Secure third-party certifications to back up your claims by independent certifications body. This will help you earn customer trust as they will be able to confidently rely on your products.

“Third-party certification lets homeowners know that not only is Bona working toward green, sustainable, eco-friendly solutions, but that we are proving it by allowing our products to be tested by certifying organizations. […] Validation is key in any industry, and it’s even more important for products that consumers purchase.” Jill Mathis, Bona Brand Manager

2. Innovation

Stay on top of the latest trends with the most cutting-edge technologies to constantly meet consumer needs.

“Filtrete Brand’s team of scientists continuously seek ways to innovate the category with cutting-edge technology. […] to ensure the products meet high standards and evolving consumer needs.” Carrie Sazama, 3M Senior Brand Manager

3. Wellness

This is no secret that the impact of the millennial generation on the economy is getting bigger and bigger as they progressively reach their spending years. Millennial consumers are dedicated to wellness and devoting their time and money more than ever to an healthy lifestyle (Goldman Sachs report, Millenials Coming of Age).

“We conducted a social media listening study of 4.5 million consumers and found that health and wellness is top of mind for textile shoppers. […] Our research shows that Millennials strive to live a healthier lifestyle which includes eating right, getting restful sleep and being active.  As this group ages and has more disposable income, there is more and more focus on products that address these needs. ” Nancy Golden, Welspun USA, Senior Vice President Marketing

4. Perseverance

Reaching the highest standards takes a lot of time and devotion from the R&D team. It is a long process of testing and constant improvements to your products until reaching the highest quality.

“It took us over a year from the first time we failed the testing for the asthma & allergy friendly® certification. We went back and multiple tweaks and internal testing, including new and modified components, to be able to achieve this rigorous test standard. It isn’t easy to achieve, and our team worked hard to bring this industry first to market!” Patrick Norris, Sanitaire Commercial Associate Brand Marketing Manager

5. Health

More and more people are concerned with health issues and especially with asthma and allergies. More than 50 million Americans have experienced various types of allergies, which are among the most common diseases in the US. It is therefore fundamental to address this growing issue by making sure your products are helping to manage these health conditions.

“The feedback we are clearly hearing from consumer insights and our customers, includes the distinct desire originating from the end consumers for products that specifically address the needs of their family members who suffer from allergies and asthma or other breathing related issues. […] Over the past decade or so, nearly 65% of all US households own pets, and yet many of the young families, especially with small children, are concerned about maintaining their homes in a hygienic manner.” Steve Ramirez, Cleva North America, Director of Product Development



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