Industry Research & Development Group (IRDG)

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Industry Research & Development Group (IRDG)

The Industry Research & Development Group (IRDG) is the leading industry representative voice on Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) RD&I in Ireland. Established in 1992, the Group is an independent, non-profit body, serving the needs of members on all matters relating to RD&I.

Today, the IRDG represents all sectors of industry including electronics, software & telecommunications (ICT), financial services, food, software, engineering, healthcare & life sciences, plastics and utilities.

IRDG membership is relatively evenly divided between Irish-owned and overseas-owned companies, who range in size from start-ups to the largest companies in Ireland. Through IRDG membership interactions and surveys, member companies can ensure their views are collated, developed and articulated to influence policy within the RD&I arena.

As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, IRDG is committed to delivering for its members and has a proven record.

Members engage with the IRDG team every day for their experience in the R&D arena, and tap into this deep knowledge to help propel R&D effectively as a strategic stepping stone in growing their businesses. IRDG provides advice across all aspects of R&D policy, funding and supports. In many cases members invite us to act as a sounding board or to provide specific project advice.

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