Eternity Luxe Fitted Sheets

This Elegant 325 tc percale with Micro Fresh antimicrobial treated articles.

Manufacturer : Indo Count Industries Ltd.
Date Verified: 2019-02-11
Cert. Number: AAFC: 1607/19/02/19/2020
Countries Certified: Middle East, Europe

Why is the product Certified asthma & allergy friendly®?

"The product is Certified because it is scientifically proven to considerably reduce your exposure to allergens.
But there's still more to it. In order for a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcase to meet the above requirement, they must all meet the following strict standards:
• Be an effective barrier to the passage of allergens;
• Be ""breathable"" to ensure your comfort;
• Be easily cleaned to remove allergen accumulation;
• Withstand the wear and tear of the recommended cleaning techniques; and
• Contain no chemicals above certification levels that are known to trigger asthma and allergy symptoms or irritant responses.
However, it's important to remember that sheets are not encasements, and you should not rely on these items alone. Sheets are a great addition to other bedding items, that together, help with your asthma and allergy management plan.

What are the product's features?

Anti Microbial
Anti dustmite
Odor free

Does the product come in different sizes or colors?