Verified as Healthier Air

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Build Trust And Reduce Risk Through Verification

What is it?

Verified Healthier Air is a powerful tool for manufacturers, suppliers, and producers looking to build trust and credibility with consumers. It provides a clear way to demonstrate that your branding and advertising claims have been verified by a trusted third party, to demonstrate that your products contribute to healthier and cleaner indoor air, and empowering your customers to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

With the verification, your health-conscious consumers can be confident of your commitment to creating healthier indoor environments.

Our expertise ensures that your performance claims have been reviewed by a trusted third party, to connect with your audience and drive results.

Verified as Healthier Air

Why Get Verified?

The Verified Healthier Air program verifies claims about the impact of products on the indoor environment. Products must demonstrate the capability to contribute to a healthier indoor environment either through removal of harmful particles and pollutants, or the ability to provide their intended benefit without introducing pollutants to the indoor environment.

With Verified Healthier Air, occupants and consumers can have confidence in cleaner air, promoting healthier living and working environments.

Obtain Verified Healthier Air for assurance in meeting the highest air quality review.

Industries We Serve

The Verified Healthier Air is offered to any company making a claim related to indoor air quality, specifically targeting health conscious end users. We work closely with manufacturers and suppliers in multiple industries.

Manufacturers in the below categories would be most likely to benefit from the verification.

How the Verification Process Works

We show you step-by-step how your product can get verified and ready to go to market.

Once your application is approved it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Allergy Standards Ltd, Certify Your Product

Submit Your Product

Scientific review by our expert team

Verify Your Product - Allergy Standards Ltd

Verification Statement

Product review & verification reports are released

Verified as Healthier Air

Verified Healthier Air

Product is formally verified

The Verified Healther Air Program

All our Customers get

  • Verification Statement

  • Use of the Verification Mark in all channels

  • A set of pre-approved claims to use in connection with the verification

  • Access to our Customer Service Portal with up-to-date insights, thought leadership pieces, and reports relevant to creating healthier indoor environments.

Accepted Third Party Programs

Verified Healthier Air values the importance of other third-party certifications. By welcoming reputable certifications like the ones listed below as a pathway into Verified Healthier Air, consumers are empowered to make informed decisions about their health and well-being, with a more comprehensive view of air quality. Incorporating other certifications also streamlines the verification process, creating more effective and sustainable indoor environments.

With Verified Healthier Air, you can be confident that your indoor environment or product meets multiple standards for healthier, fresher air.

Additional terms:
Verification of products is subject to contract. Allergy Standards Limited is committed to impartiality in operating the Verified Healthier Air program. All decisions relating to product assessment and verification are made by Allergy Standards Ltd. However, there is a complaints and appeals process, to enable any complaints and appeals to be heard and adjudicated.

How to get Verified?

Contact our business development team today and start your Verification journey.