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The asthmaAsthma is a condition where the small tubes that carry air to the lungs (trachea) become inflamed and may become filled with mucus. This results... & allergyAllergies are caused by the body being hyper-sensitive to a particular molecule or particle. The particles which cause an allergic reaction are called allergens. Common... friendly™ mark provides proven marketing benefit to manufacturers. It is the first of its kind in the world using a certification mark to scientifically prove through standards that a product is more suitable for the concerned consumer, home maker or parent when considering asthma or related allergies.

It has been developed in response to the needs of consumers who were confused by the non substantiated allergy claims in the market place.

The asthma & allergy friendly™ mark is a value add product enhancement and market research has shown that it acts as a significant form of premium differentiation at the point of purchase. It is an excellent vehicle to increase customer loyalty, enhance corporate identity and synergise with your current marketing message.

There is an increasing awareness of ‘environmental’ issues from all consumers and how some products we live with can increase the risk of allergy symptoms. The asthma & allergy friendly™ program’s mission is to communicate this awareness to the consumer in a clear and simple manner

The mark is now highly visible on a large portfolio of products with tremendous brand synergy.

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