Valspar Case Study

Valspar Case Study

Valspar Case Study

Valspar develop and successfully launch a new paint specifically designed to address the needs of asthma and allergy sufferers.

“In listening to our consumers, we recognized an opportunity in the marketplace for a paint formulated specifically to address the needs of the approximately 60 million Americans who live with asthma and allergies.”

Howard Heckes, Senior VP, Valspar Global Consumer

Valspar Plus® asthma & allergy friendly® paint Case Study

Valspar Plus® asthma & allergy friendly® paint Case Study

The Business Challenge

The Expert Panel from the National Institute of Health recommend reducing exposure from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in paint as part of their Asthma Education and Prevention Program Report of 2007. Having developed a high quality product matching this criteria in response to an identified consumer need, Valspar needed to bring its Valspar Plus® zero VOC paint to market successfully. They wanted to be able to prove to customers that their product was effective and to ensure that their message was received by their target audience.

The Solution

Valspar turned to the independent asthma & allergy friendly®® Certification Program for independent, expert validation of their product and to give consumers a recognizable certification mark that helped them to easily identify this paint as effective and of a high quality.

Through collaboration and partnership with ASL, they were able to effectively use the scientific research and consumer information to create relevant, effective messaging and collateral, reassure customers and build trust in their brand.

Together we formulated a strategic product launch program that included a media launch event with keynote scientific speakers provided by the program. Valspar created and distributed content to engage customers on healthy indoor living issues and developed content to advertise and market their product in-store and through all the relevant marketing channels.

They were able to capitalise on the growing opportunities for products that contribute to a healthy home and form a mutually beneficial partnership with Lowe’s – a retailer dedicated to tackling these challenges  and leading the healthy home movement.

The Results

Valspar Plus® launched with an endcap in Lowe’s for 2 quarters. They have also contributed to the hugely successful Habitat for Humanity asthma friendly home with Carter Oosterhouse from HGTV.

They have benefited from Lowe’s healthy home advertising and exposure: 2.41 Million viewers saw The Spring Allergy Capitals® Satellite Media Tour featuring Lowe’s and Idylis Air Purifiers. Lowe’s regional VP Steve Schultz also spoke to more than 3,000 attendees of the 2011 National Healthy Homes Conference hosted by the US Dept of Housing and Urban Development about the importance of healthy homes.

Valspar’s paint joins the ranks of certified products endorsed by the AAFA which has attracts 1.5 million unique visitors per year and is part of our certification program that reached 680 million impressions in 2011.

The Future

Valspar is continuing to focus on empowering customers to make better choices through education and collaboration with the AAFA and retail partners such as Lowe’s. They are creating educational content about healthy homes, co-branded in-store materials and magazines. They continue to build their reputation as an authority on these consumer issues through engagement with their target audience in the blogosphere and social network. Through these strategic partnerships they are establishing themselves as a leader in the healthy home movement.


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