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Dave Morrissey attends Domotex Trade Show in Germany

Domotex 2018 Hannover

Domotex 2018 Hannover

Dave Morrissey, Allergy Standards’ Chief Information Officer will be attending DOMOTEX trade show in Hannover from January 1215th 2018. The trade show will feature 1,435 professional and exhibitors from 61 different countries.


Domotex 2018

Domotex is the world’s leading trade show for floor coverings, interior design and lifestyle inspiration. Visitors will be able to witness the latest trends and creative product presentations inspired by the DOMOTEX 2018 lead theme “Framing Trends” where brand and lifestyle-oriented companies will be featuring a selection of products framed in different creative contexts.

Domotex 2018 Hannover, Dave Morrissey

Domotex 2018 Hannover

Dave Morrissey at Domotex

Domotex Trade Show is the opportunity for Dave to represent and spread the word about ASL’s asthma & allergy friendly® international certification program. As the trade show features innovative companies focusing on indoor environments, numerous potential clients for our certification program will be attending at the trade show.


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