Allergy Standards Limited

What Is A Synthetic Home Insulation Products – Fiberglass Certification Standard?

Synthetic Home Insulation Products – Fiberglass that are Certified asthmaAsthma is a condition where the small tubes that carry air to the lungs (trachea) become inflamed and may become filled with mucus. This results... & allergyAllergies are caused by the body being hyper-sensitive to a particular molecule or particle. The particles which cause an allergic reaction are called allergens. Common... friendly® are tested to the ASP:19-01/101 Certification Standard.

The Certification Standard uses proprietary and recognized scientific techniques to assess Synthetic Home Insulation Products – Fiberglass. The testing protocol consists of four sections:

  1. Constituent review
  2. Evaluation of airborne particle, fiber and dust release during Insulation installation and disturbance.
  3. Evaluation of the ability of Insulation to support fungal growth.
  4. Volatile organic compound (VOC) emission testing

Product samples that pass Certification testing are granted a Certificate stating that the Synthetic Home Insulation Product – Fiberglass meets the requirements for the asthma & allergy friendly® ASP:19-01 Certification Standard. All Certified asthma & allergy friendly® Synthetic Home Insulation Products – Fiberglass carry a unique Certification code.